Aaliya will NEVER go back
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Aaliya will NEVER go back

Rizwan, Aaliya’s attorney, said, “Aaliya will NEVER go back to Nawazuddin Siddiqui” when the actor asked for a settlement

Aaliya will NEVER go back

Aaliya will NEVER go back

There has been talk of a settlement between Nawazuddin and Aaliya. This is actually taking place. Nawaz took the initial move by sending through a draft that outlined the terms that he and Aaliya will sit down and negotiate. This follows shortly after Aaliya and Nawaz made public statements detailing their marital problems.
According to what we’ve heard, Nawaz is stubbornly sticking to the story that they are divorced. Rizwan Siddiquee, Aaliya’s lawyer, will handle this situation. However, it appears that much of the dust is beginning to settle.
If Nawaz has proposed a settlement, the next question is whether or not She will return to him. “No, Aaliya will NEVER go back to Nawaz,” Rizwan “but they will certainly do the best for their two children together in a mature way.”
As Rizwan continued, “I can only say that we have not been served any copy of the same as yet, but in any event the suit was filed prior to the settlement proposed by Mr. Nawazuddin Siddiqui and therefore withdrawal of the same will automatically become an integral part of the settlement.”
That everything turns out okay? Let’s see what happens.

Aaliya will NEVER go back
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