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A Pakistani cricketer has stated that being the captain of Yorkshire County Cricket Club is “an honour” and a source of pride for him.Shan Masood, a Pakistani batter, says that his marriage brought a positive transformation into his life and has proven to be a lucky charm as he has been doing well ever since it took place.Shan wed the woman who would become the love of his life in January, and Nische Khan has been by his side wherever he has been required to play since the couple tied the wedding.He remarked that getting married alters a person’s life since it brings another person into their lives with whom they may share the events.


“The wonderful thing is that I’ve been bestowed with the kind of spouse that I’ve always wanted for, so yeah, I do consider myself to be extremely lucky in that regard. All I want is to rejoice in the accomplishments of my professional life beside her, ” Shan remarked.Following Yorkshire Vikings’ loss to Birmingham Bears in the first encounter of the T20 Vitality Blast tournament, the cricketer expressed these thoughts in an exclusive interview with Geo News at Birmingham’s Edgbaston Stadium. The match took place after Yorkshire Vikings were defeated by Birmingham Bears.


The cricket player, who is 32 years old and is currently the captain of the English county club Yorkshire for this season of the T20 Vitality Blast, stated that it was a “great honour” for him and that he was proud of the accomplishment.Since the club was founded in 1853, Shan is the only Pakistani cricketer to ever be selected to serve as captain of the team. When he was selected captain for Derbyshire CCC for the T20 Blast event that took place a year ago, he became the first Pakistani player since Wasim Akram to head a county team in the competition.When questioned about his choice to sign with Yorkshire, the southpaw responded by describing it as a life-changing chance that he is well prepared to take advantage of.


“Indeed, to be captain of a club like Yorkshire, for which at least three previous captains of the Pakistan national team, as well as someone as great as Sachin Tendulkar, have played. “Even some of the best English players of all time have donned the shirt of this club, both in the past and in the present. Masood was unable to play for Yorkshire during the opening few weeks of the current county season because of the commitments he had to play for the national side. Even though it was his second game as captain for the club, the Blast match against Birmingham was one of his first two competitive matches. “When you join the club when there have already been a limited number of matches played during the season, it is always challenging to acclimatize to the conditions.

  1. Derby shire C CC

“I’ve missed more than a month of this season; it’s not easy to settle down quickly” “Unlike last year, when I was available for Derby shire CCC from day one, I’ve missed more than a month this season. “The first game of the competition was won by Yorkshire, and they elected to field their team first when they won the toss. When Birmingham lost four wickets in short succession for only 51 runs, they were in a favorable situation. In spite of this, the Bears were able to score a total of 200 runs. Masood said it was “unacceptable” that they blew such a big lead and lost the match. As a group, we need to quickly identify and address our areas of development.

  1. An “unacceptable” loss in the season opener.

He viewed our schedule of 14 games in the group stage as a positive. When I was captain of the Derby shire Falcons last season, we started out by losing four of our first six games, but by the end of the group stage, we had won nine of fourteen.

The captain for Yorkshire has promised to improve after admitting that they can afford to make mistakes at this stage of the game. We have a few days off before playing Worcester Rapids, so we’ll use that time to recharge and get in some extra work. Fans, according to Shan, have great hopes for him despite Yorkshire’s dismal start to the season. “From now on, both individual players and the will have to play very well for us to achieve positive outcomes. We need only one positive outcome to start gaining steam. The best teams constantly try to win consecutive games.

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