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Actor Rishi Kapoor

Actor Rishi Kapoor, who dispelled the angsty teen hero stereotype, passed away a year ago today

Actor Rishi Kapoor

Actor Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor, a veteran actor, will be remembered as someone who lived life to the fullest.
After making his debut in ‘Mera Naam Joker’ in 1970, the renowned chocolate boy of Indian Cinema quickly rose to stardom and critical acclaim. His father, Raj Kapoor, also made an appearance in the film.
He wasn’t just another furious young man in Bollywood, but rather a lover boy, thanks to this film. He entered a time that also saw the arrival of another legend, Amitabh Bachchan. While the likes of the late Vinod Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan dominated the Bollywood scene with their one-man army flicks, Rishi Kapoor opted to forge his own path.
On Sunday, the anniversary of the star’s death, he will be remembered around the world. So, here are a few films that remind us of Rishi Kapoor, one of Bollywood’s greatest actors, who changed our conception of what it means to be a hero and who could defeat four or four hundred opponents with equal ease.
It’s not unusual for wealthy families to arrange marriages between their sons and other wealthy families. But things get out of hand when he falls in love with a girl who doesn’t come from the same social level as his family. The dramatisation in ‘Bobby’ is excellent, and the story it tells demonstrates how even the simplest stories can be told in an entertaining way. Both Rishi and Dimple Kapadia, his co-star, were fantastic in the film. Who doesn’t know the movie “Karz” and the unforgettable song “Hum Tum Ek Kmare Mai BAnd ho”?
There was suspense and genuine thrills in the film “Karz,” making it unlike any other romantic film. The film’s key themes were reincarnation and the desire for vengeance. Kapoor’s portrayal of Ravi, an indelible legend, will never be surpassed.
(Anthony, Amar Akbar)
This film, which also starred Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna as angry young men, sheds light on their true status and the quality of the films they used to make. Kapoor portrayed the youngest of the three brothers, and his persona was the polar opposite of the others in that he was obsessed with love.
Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor, as a couple, exemplified what it means to have chemistry on screen. Despite the fact that Sridevi played the lead, we can’t take our eyes off of Rishi. The film’s many timeless songs continue to be played and sung by those who are hopelessly in love.
Song: “Yeh Vaada Raha”
Fans of musical romance had every reason to fill theatres to capacity. The conflict in the novel arises from Vikram’s (Rishi) mother disapproving of his choice of wife. The never-ending battle is exciting to witness because it teaches the importance of sticking up for the one you love, even if it means going up against a family member.

Actor Rishi Kapoor
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