“Advances in wound care may speed recovery from burns.”

“Advances in wound care may speed recovery from burns.”

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It’s possible that new wound dressings will help burn injuries heal more quickly.
Because the substance can also be used to cure cancer, it spares patients the ordeal of having to spend long hours in a doctor’s office, which can be both tiring and excruciating.Getting care for a burn wound is not as simple or pleasant as one might think, despite appearances to the contrary. In point of fact, the most difficult part of a burn victim’s recovery will be the process of mending burn wounds. This is due to the fact that it needs to have its dressing changed quite frequently, which may be a very uncomfortable process.Researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada have just recently developed a revolutionary type of wound dressing material employing cutting-edge polymers in order to remedy this problem as well as others.


According to News Medical, the innovative bandage has the potential to hasten the healing of burn sufferers, as well as to transport medications for the treatment of cancer and for cosmetic purposes.”To treat burn victims, we can customise the shape using a 3D printer; secondly, the material has fine-tuned surface adhesion, which is a key feature,” said Dr. Boxin Zhao, who is a professor in the university’s Department of Chemical Engineering and the leader of the study team. Dr. Zhao is also the person who conceived up the idea for the research project.The research group led by Dr. Zhao has made significant headway in the development of intelligent hydrogel materials that can be used as washable wound dressings.

3D scan

It is simple to remove the material from the skin after it has adhered to it. “In order to get the adhesion to work, you have to strike a very delicate balance within the material,” he said.According to the findings of the study, a 3D scan of the patient’s face and body components makes it possible to adapt and individualise the dressing for patients undergoing treatment for cancer or burn injuries.In addition, the substance can be utilised in the treatment of cancer, freeing the patient from the necessity of spending a significant amount of time in a medical facility. It helps eliminate difficulties that can arise from using conventional procedures because it allows for the continuous delivery of medication outside of the clinic setting.


According to the findings of the research, these smart dressings appear to be constructed out of cellulose nano crystals, a thermally responsive polymer, and a bio polymer derived from seaweed.Due to the thermal sensitivity of the dressing, it can become warm when applied to the skin and then gradually return to room temperature.The fact that the dressing expands while it’s cold in the refrigerator but shrinks when it’s at body temperature makes it easier and less unpleasant to remove. Additionally, the medication is designed to be delivered slowly through the dressing, which allows for a greater degree of pain relief.This study acts as proof of concept for Zhao’s Surface Science and Bio-Nanomaterials Laboratory Group.The next step for Zhao’s research team is to continue improving the properties of the material in order to make it more advantageous to human health and marketable.

“Advances in wound care may speed recovery from burns.”
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