After his indictment over secret documents, Trump will .

After his indictment over secret documents, Trump will hold a rally for his supporters.

leaking confidential information

After his indictment for leaking confidential information, Trump will hold a rally for his followers. On Friday, all 37 counts of the indictment were made public, and their primary focus was on the allegations that he improperly handled sensitive information.COLUMBUS, United States Donald Trump will address his fans for the first time since his indictment on multiple criminal crimes catapulted the 2024 presidential election race into uncharted and potentially highly destabilising ground on Saturday. This will be the first time he has addressed his followers since his indictment.


The 37 counts of the indictment, which were released on Friday and focused on the former president’s alleged mismanagement of classified materials, set him up for a far more serious legal reckoning than the claims of personal, political, and economic misbehaviour that he has largely rode out in the past. The indictment was focused on the alleged mishandling of classified materials. In addition to this, it lays the groundwork for a contest for the White House that will be unlike any other that has come before it, with the Department of Justice under President Joe Biden seeking criminal charges against the man who is currently in the lead for the Republican nomination.

Donald Trump

It is widely anticipated that Donald Trump would use both venues to launch attacks against the FBI and accuse federal prosecutors of unfairly targeting him. Trump will be speaking at two state Republican conventions, the first in Georgia and later in North Carolina. He has already condemned what he says is a politically-motivated witch hunt. Trump has already provided a response to the indictment by publishing a series of postings on his Truth Social platform and releasing a video message. In these responses, Trump referred to Smith as “deranged” and a “Trump hater” and framed the case as election interference planned by Biden and his campaign. “They come after me because now we’re leading in the polls again by a lot against Biden,” he said. “That’s why they’re attacking me.”


To this point, the response of a large number of Republicans, including some of Trump’s competitors for the nomination of the party, has been to rally behind the former president and amplify his sense of fury.Kevin McCarthy, who is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, referred to the indictment as a “dark day” for the United States of America.


After his indictment over secret documents, Trump will .
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