After the defections, the PTI can fit in a Qingqi rickshaw,

After the defections, the PTI can fit in a Qingqi rickshaw, the joke goes. Maryam

Qingqi rickshaw

Maryam jokes that with recent defections, the PTI could fit in a Qingqi rickshaw.
The PMLN chief claims that the end of this “chapter of chaos” will usher in a new period of progress.Senior Vice President of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) Maryam Nawaz poked fun at the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), stating that after defections in the wake of the May 9 incident, the entire opposition party can fit in a Qingqi rickshaw.She referred to PTI leader Imran Khan, saying, “Today, he himself is the president, general secretary, chief organiser, and spokesperson of the party, and the only candidate of his party.”On Sunday, the leader of the governing party made these comments during the PMLN’s youth gathering in Shujabad, Punjab.

fake party

To paraphrase Maryam, “it is the people’s party and not a fake party,” which is why the PMLN is immune to the PTI’s efforts to destroy it.She claimed that the PTI “disintegrated in 26 minutes” despite having been “formed after the hard work of 26 years.”She claimed that Imran Khan was behind the strikes on defence and civilian installations on May 9 and is now pleading for meetings and negotiations.After Nawaz Sharif was ousted as prime minister, she harshly condemned him for inciting people to assault state institutions, adding that the PMLN supremo never instructed his workers to set fire to public buildings.

PMLN government

Maryam remarked, “Nawaz Sharif fought oppression but never encouraged chaos,” and predicted the PMLN supremo would return to power the democratic way. Nawaz Sharif was at Shujabad when he lost power on October 12. She said that Nawaz never called for the burning of any national buildings despite the repeated dissolution of the PMLN government. She argued that someone who had constructed subways, hospitals, and schools could not possibly inspire violence against the state. She continued by saying that Imran Khan’s ambition had been harmful to the country and its government.Maryam stated that the people of Pakistan will never forgive the perpetrators of the attacks on the governmental institutions because they had even destroyed memorials to the martyrs.

senior vice president

The senior vice president of the PMLN recently stated that young people were Pakistan’s “bright future” and that they should work together to ensure the country’s safety. We have put an end to this fitna [evil]. Without using his name, Maryam referred to Imran Khan and stated, “Let’s start a new journey of prosperity.” A rickshaw can now accommodate his entire party, she remarked sarcastically.Maryam claimed that the man who once boasted that he would make the PMLN leaders cry actually did so constantly. PMLN leader declared that Nawaz Sharif’s party, if in power, would employ young people and not give them petrol bombs.

agricultural reforms

Maryam Nawaz also discussed agricultural reforms, saying that she hoped to see Shujabad become as prosperous as Lahore. She hoped that instead of having to travel to Lahore, young people wouldn’t have to because of the quality of life there. The PMLN’s goal in providing young people with loans to start businesses was to increase their agency and independence.Maryam promised that from now on, Pakistanis will not forgive those responsible for setting fire to the country. In spite of the economic hardships, Shehbaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar managed to deliver a balanced budget. She explained that agriculture is important in Pakistan because of the government’s emphasis on it. She claimed that IT would facilitate loan disbursement.

After the defections, the PTI can fit in a Qingqi rickshaw,
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