AJK marks nuclear test silver jubilee

AJK marks nuclear test silver jubilee


AJK is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the conduct of nuclear testing.On Sunday, Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) observed the 25th anniversary of Pakistan’s nuclear testing with full zeal and fervour to recall the nuclear tests that were conducted on this day in 1998. The anniversary was known as the silver jubilee of Pakistan’s nuclear tests.Speakers at the special ceremonies that were held to mark youm-e-takbeer in various parts of AJK including Mirpur and the capital city of Muzaffarabad to honour the historic day reaffirmed their commitment to contributing all of their efforts towards the development of a powerful and prosperous Pakistan.

2.Shah Ghulam Qadir

The President of the PML-N AJK Chapter, Shah Ghulam Qadir, has requested that party workers all across AJK organise special celebrations to commemorate the day in the district headquarters of each AJK district.A Pakistan that is powerful and prosperous in all aspects, including the military and the economy, is the only thing that can ensure the independence of Kashmir. At a large event that was conducted in this district by the PML-N, a unanimous resolution was approved that stated, “People of Jammu and Kashmir will leave no stone unturned to make Pakistan strong, stable, and prosperous in addition to safeguarding the security and defence of the country.” This resolution was one of many that were presented at the event.


In the resolution, rich tributes were paid to all of the authors, creators, and promoters of the nuclear programme with a peaceful approach. These individuals include Dr. Abdul Qadeer, Dr. Sammar Muhbarak Mand, the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and most notably PML N Supreme leader Muhammad Nawaz Shareef. These individuals were recognised for their unyielding and sincere role in making Pakistan a nuclear power in the region.

4. martyrs of Pakistan

The resolution paid rich homage to the martyrs of Pakistan, especially those who belonged to the gallant armed forces of Pakistan, for providing the supreme sacrifice of their life for the protection, security, and defence of inch after inch of the motherland, both during times of war and in emergent situations that occurred during times of peace. These sacrifices were made both during times of war and in emergent situations that occurred during times of peace.


Meanwhile, expressing his views on the eve of the nation-wide silver jubilee celebrations of the nuclear tests, NGO – Jammu and Kashmir Jinnah Foundation’s Chairman Dr. Amin Chaudhry said that it was the day of great dignity and honour of Pakistan, when Pakistan gave a matching response to the nuclear tests conducted by India by detonating the nuclear devices on this day in 1998. He said that it was the day of great dignity and honour of Pakistan.Dr. Amin stated in an interview with APP that the phrase “Youm-e-Takbeer” carries a lot of weight in the annals of the history of the defence of the country.Dr. Amin said that the entire nation, including the people of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, stands together, shoulder to shoulder with the courageous armed forces, for the protection of the motherland. He made this statement while paying rich tribute to the valiant armed forces of the country.

AJK marks nuclear test silver jubilee
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