Ali Zaidi, PTI Sindh President, resigns.

Ali Zaidi, PTI Sindh President, resigns.

1.PTI Sindh President

PTI Sindh President Ali Zaidi quits politics, gives up party positions
In a video message, Ali Zaidi disclosed his intention to withdraw his membership in the party.Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) On Saturday, Sindh President Ali Zaidi made the announcement that he would be resigning from his party positions, bringing the total number of leaders the party has lost as a result of the crackdown that began following the vandalism on May 9.Zaidi said in a video message that he had entered politics for Pakistan and that he had previously condemned the crimes that occurred on May 9.

2.armed forces

“The armed forces of Pakistan are our source of pride, and because of them, we are able to sleep soundly at night since they guard our borders. According to the PTI leader, who was sent to Jacobabad jail the previous week, “what happened [on May 9] was very wrong and everyone should be held accountable no matter who may have been involved in it.”The former minister at the federal level stated that he had to put a lot of thought into making the “difficult decision” to step away from politics.

3. leave politics

According to Zaidi, “when I will leave politics, then I will resign from my position as president of Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh, core committee member, and MNA.”Zaidi has stated that he will “work for Pakistan and bring investments from abroad” even after entering politics, as he did before being involved in politics.Before I entered politics, I worked to bring foreign currency into Pakistan; now that I’m out of politics, I want to return to that effort. “I have decided to step away from politics,” stated the former federal minister before concluding his video speech with a phrase in support of the military.


Following the outbreak of violence on May 9 in response to the detention of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Zaidi and other top-tier party leaders, in addition to thousands of workers, were detained.It was given the moniker “Black Day” by Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Asim Munir, who also made a solemn promise to bring to justice all those responsible for targeting military sites.The highest-ranking members of the military have also come to the conclusion that they will no longer show leniency towards those who commit acts of vandalism on military installations and configurations, regardless of the circumstances.On May 9, Zaidi was taken into custody in accordance with Section 4 of the Maintenance of Public Order Act.

5. sub-jail.

 He was then placed under house arrest, and his home in the port city was designated as a sub-jail.A report began spreading that Zaidi was planning to leave the PTI at the same time that other leaders began to leave the organisation.Zaidi made it clear, however, during a press conference that he held on May 17 that he had entered politics through the platform of his present party and that he would not leave that party under any circumstances.”I want to make it perfectly clear today that I have no intention of leaving PTI. I won’t walk away from it until Imran Khan does. Nobody can purchase my devotion,” Zaidi had declared back then.Zaidi was sent to Jacobabad jail immediately and his house arrest orders were revoked the same night by the Sindh government.

Ali Zaidi, PTI Sindh President, resigns.
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