ambiguous characters
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ambiguous characters

Raza Murad and Govind Namdev discuss their roles as morally ambiguous characters in films

ambiguous characters

ambiguous characters

Actors Raza Murad and Govind Namdev, who typically play villains, have discussed portraying complex characters.
‘Aazam’s Sayaji Shinde, Govind Namdev, Jimmy Sheirgill, Raza Murad, Abhimanyu Singh, Indraneil Sengupta, and Shravan Tiwar will have a lively chat with the show’s presenter, Kapil Sharma, in an upcoming episode of the comedy show.
Raza reflected on his transformation into a villain while spoke about his life and experiences.
If a person says something that they later realise they shouldn’t have said, it may end up being true. My three older sisters had already been born when the doctor hurriedly said to my father, “Congratulations, you have a ‘gunda’…er, a boy!” To divide and conquer, Raza did so.

A mistake of the tongue, he said, but one that turned out to be accurate. My beauty and personality are now major factors in determining what roles I obtain, including the role in Aazam. No one will cast me in the position of a holy man or saint. My appearance and personality are a perfect fit for the roles I’m offered.
Govind chimed in that he had played some iconic bad guys in film.

As for Kapil’s next question, he turned to Govind and asked, “When you entered the film industry, did you come with the intention of playing the role of a villain?”

“I came with the intention of becoming a villain,” Govind said in response. I had this misconception that there are only three major characters in Hindi films: the hero, the heroine, and the villain.

Because of my age, I couldn’t be a hero, and being a heroine wasn’t an option, so I decided to play the villain instead. I was cast as the bad guy by complete fluke.

ambiguous characters
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