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Anupam Kher

When Anupam Kher didn’t have work, he still felt confident in his acting chops

Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher

Monday, April 30 (ANI): Mumbai (Maharashtra), India. If you’re an actor who got your start portraying an elderly man (Saaransh) when you were only 29, you can’t be afraid of failing. He always has and always will do his best work. He is an avid reader with a library containing over fourteen thousand volumes. Talented Hindi film actor Anupam Kher is making greater and greater strides in his career.
The actor has appeared in 522 films over the course of 38 years, from “Saaransh” to “The Kashmir Files.” The actor shared his worst fear, his strategy for dealing with the fear of failure, and his first meeting with his future wife, Kirron Kher, in an exclusive interview with ANI.
My greatest dread is forgetting important things, if you must know. Memory is everything, yet without it, you have nothing. Memory loss befell Dilip Saab (Kumar). He was a remarkable individual, a brilliant storyteller, and a guy of extensive knowledge. Please tell us all about your favourite cheesy snacks. When Anupam said, “(You can talk to him on anything and everything),” he was thinking back on the good old days.
He then related an experience he had while collaborating with Dilip Saab. We were at Kulu-Manali for the ‘Saudagar’ shoot. After 2:30, Director Subhash (Ghai) assured me, we would have a lunch break. I had long since stopped eating. Then I inquired of Dilip Saab, “What did your dad do for a living?” He introduced himself as a fruit vendor. Seeb late the, laal, laal; usko dekh kar, hi khane ko man karta tha. Just when I thought things couldn’t get much worse, wo ras gale me jata tha…(The crimson apples were very profitable and sexually stimulating.Having them in my hands, biting into one, and tasting the fresh juice…
Anupam was emphasising Dilip Kumar’s ability to give a detailed description of everything. They spent their final years in obscurity. As Anupam put it, “While shooting for ‘Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara,’ I met several folks who were suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. They don’t have blank eyes, only emptiness.”
The actor has collaborated with every major player in Bollywood. Chopra, Barjatya, Bhatts, etc. all liked him, and some of them still do. Kher responded confidently when asked if he had ever worried about failing, saying, “When I didn’t have work, even then I knew I was a brilliant actor.” An education instills such assurance. In terms of reading, I consider myself to be quite literate. My training as an actor has just begun. My confidence as an actor has never wavered. In total, I own over 14,000 volumes. Reading books can help you become an expert in any topic. You won’t be afraid of losing.”
He elaborated, “I delight in defeat. Early on in life, my father dispelled any doubts I could have about succeeding. He once observed, “Failure is an event, never a person.” In my opinion, leaving your safety zone is the only way to achieve truly remarkable results. Osho once said, “If you try, you risk failure, but if you don’t, you only ensure it.”
There hasn’t been a more attractive on-screen couple than Anupam and Kirron Kher. But they’re pals first and lovers second. The first time I met Kirron, she was already a star,” Anupam recalled of their first encounter. She was active in both the stage and film industries. Her Master of Arts degree is first-class. Chandigarh is where we first crossed paths. A common farm guy, that’s what I was. It would appear that we had nothing in common with one another. That’s when she got married and had Sikandar (Kher). We used to be inseparable and frequently performed onstage together. The person I was going with dumped me when she started having marriage troubles, and that was when things began to alter. But first and foremost, we are best friends.
Anupam speculates that Kirron might have participated in even more films had she lived. They’ve been friends for over forty years.

Anupam Kher
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