As the deadline for a police “grand operation” in Zaman Park approaches, tensions have been rising.

  1. As the deadline for a police “grand operation” in Zaman Park approaches, tensions have been rising.
  2. Punjab Police 

    Fearing arrest, the PTI leader sought reassurance from the information minister regarding the safety of Khan’s Zaman Park home. The information minister assured him that the residence would remain untouched until the deadline expired at 2 p.m. on Thursday

  3. Punjab Police Punjab Police, as reported by Geo News, plan a “grand crackdown” at Imran Khan’s Lahore home in Zaman Park. The objective is to apprehend 30-40 alleged terrorists linked to the May 9 riots purportedly hiding there.

A significant number of law enforcement officers have barricaded all access points to Zaman Park. In a preceding statement, Punjab Interim Information Minister Amir Mir demanded that the PTI leader surrender the alleged terrorists hiding in Zaman Park within 24 hours.

  1. Punjab police

Since the government, according to the sources, may undertake a “grand operation” once the deadline expires,

 The Punjab police chief and inspector general have issued a “vigilant” call to the police force in the capital.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Mir stated that “30-40 terrorists involved in the May 9 vandalism. I have taken refuge” at the Lahore residence of the former prime minister.

  1. Khan worried

Yesterday evening, Khan expressed concern that the Punjab Police might conduct a crackdown. However, the interim minister reassured him that the province would reveal its plans after the deadline had passed.

The information minister provided reassurance to the PTI leader, assuring him that Khan’s Zaman Park home would remain untouched until the deadline passed at 2 p.m. on Thursday..


Mir said that Khan is inciting people “just like always” later that day on the Geo News show Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Saath’.

  1. The Predicament

On Wednesday, Geo News reporter Azam Malik reported that the PTI chief permitted journalists access to his apartment because he was at Zaman Park. Reporter:

“The reason behind allowing the media to have a look at, his residence is to show them the people over there,”

referring to the information minister’s claim that numerous. terrorists were inside the residence, which could not be verified.

  1. Following the information minister’s warning of an “operation” within 24 hours, several PTI workers have arrived at Zaman Park.
  2. The minister’s statement raised concerns and led to the gathering of PTI workers at the location.
  3. With the anticipation of the operation, an increasing number of PTI members have flocked to Zaman Park for support and protection.
  4. The minister’s remarks triggered a response, resulting in the presence of PTI workers growing at Zaman Park.
  5. In response to the looming operation, PTI workers have converged at Zaman Park, showing solidarity and readiness
  1. Crackdown                                                                                  
    Party chief’s arrest led to protests and attack; police rounding up PTI leaders. Authorities seek justice, army prevents future incidents.


As the deadline for a police “grand operation” in Zaman Park approaches, tensions have been rising.
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