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Authentic Fishing Simulation

Authentic Fishing Simulation

  1. About game

Visit a number of enchanted locations as you make your way along well-known rivers and lakes.

Real Fishing features an exceptionally large number of one-of-a-kind reservoirs. You may fish on the huge Dnieper, the mystical Baikal, or you can even go to the reservoirs that are considered to be the most unique in the world! Explore the wondrous world of Real Fishing and see what you can catch!

You may reel in a wide variety of fish, among other things. Where else, for instance, would you have the opportunity to reel in a genuine white shark or a ferocious crocodile from the Nile?! That’s right, only at this location! The game Real Fishing will be of assistance with this.

  1. Game Elements:

– more than two hundred different kinds of fish; – a large number of different reservoirs; – excursions; – cool fishing equipment; – sharks, crocodiles, and other deep monsters;

– oceans, rivers, lakes;

– recover lost treasures; – accomplish all of the required quests and duties;

– Participate in tournaments and earn a spot in the ranking; – Accumulate Achievements; – Acquire a Vast Assortment of Fishing Equipment; – Communicate with Other Anglers.

And that’s not even everything! You are going to have a lot of fun with the stuff that Real Fishing has prepared for you. Keep up the fishing.

  1. Instructions for Use

You can begin fishing by pressing the “Go fishing” button on the main screen, and then selecting a location on the map to use as your fishing area.

When you reach the site where you will be fishing, make sure that you pick out the fishing pole, reel, line, and bait that you will use.

Attention! To prevent the rod from snapping, make sure the line’s breaking strength is lower than the weight of the rod.

After you have gathered all of the necessary tackle, you are free to cast the fishing rod to any spot inside the location.

Pay close attention to the echo sounder, located in the bottom left corner of the screen, as it displays the casting depth..

The greater the depth, the more quickly it will bite!

You’ll be able to hear the bell ring whenever a fish takes a bite. Instead, bring the fish closer to the coast! To accomplish this, go to the bottom right corner of the screen and click on the button that looks like a coil.

Just take things slowly and keep an eye on the load meter.


A compelling game with an immersive experience, “Control” is available on multiple platforms. The game takes advantage of the touchscreen interface present on mobile devices, letting players tap, swipe, and drag their fingers to manipulate in-game objects.

The touch buttons built into the game provide the player with additional controls, enabling them to perform actions such as fighting foes, navigating menus, and activating special abilities.

The mouse is the most used input device for PC gamers. It’s the main input device, used for things like pointing, clicking, and dragging in the game world. Players may also have the option of using the keyboard for specific actions. The “Space” button, for instance, can be used to eliminate fish from the game.

Players can enjoy the same smooth and enjoyable experience regardless of the device they’re using to play thanks to the game’s intuitive and versatile touch screen controls and touch buttons on mobile devices, as well as the mouse and optional keyboard support on personal computers.

Authentic Fishing Simulation
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