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Ayesha Jhulka

Ayesha Jhulka: Farah Khan is just as welcoming and kind as she always was – Exclusive!

Ayesha Jhulka

Ayesha Jhulka

Actress Ayesha Jhulka, who was most recently seen in the series ‘Happy Family, Conditions Apply’ alongside Ratna Pathak Shah, Raj Babbar, Atul Kulkarni, and others, told ETimes that working in Hollywood is a constant education. Ayesha thinks an actress is never too old to learn new tricks, and that even when working alongside seasoned performers, there is always something to pick up. The ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’ star talks about her bond with Farah Khan and why she’s never been willing to take on risky roles.
Working with seasoned professionals and veteran stars is always a rewarding experience. Ratna Pathak Shah, Raj Babbar ji, and everyone else here are all seasoned veterans. Working with them was a blast, and we got along famously both in and out of the spotlight. Ayesha said of her time on ‘Happy Family, Conditions Apply,’ “Working with all the senior actors was an incredible experience.”
Ayesha agrees with you that gaining experience by working with an established actor is beneficial. When collaborating with an experienced actor, I find that every second is a chance to improve my craft. How well one notices their nuances determines the answer. Watching them perform, you can see how they truly inhabit their roles. This whole procedure is fascinating. Working with a seasoned pro provides opportunities for more than simply education. In my first film, I collaborated with the likes of Sunil Dutt ji, Kabir Bedi, Raj Babbar ji, Dharmendra ji, and Hema Malini ji. Simply witnessing these veterans at work has taught me a great deal about professionalism, dedication to one’s craft, and the value of hard work. As a result, one picks up useful information, provided they keep their eyes peeled. Veterans have accomplished far more than civilians. Those who are new to the industry or who are starting over must feel the same way about us, because we have also come a long way. That, I believe, is the rhythm of the movie business. Ayesha asserts, “Every new actor keeps learning from their seniors.”
According to Ayesha, she and Farah Khan are “off and on” pals. Everyone has their hands full in the industry, but some people stand out from the rest. We’ve been working together since the beginning of our professions, and those early coworkers will always hold a particular place in our memories. Nothing about Farah has changed. She maintains the same welcoming demeanor. So, it’s great to see her whenever we can and catch up.
Ayesha’s on-screen personas have always been timid. Her acting jobs have evolved over time, but they have never been inappropriate. She has said, “Every role is significant for an actor, and I love getting to play all types of people. It’s always fun to act in anything that you’re enthusiastic about. My limits are established early on in every endeavor. People also know that I have my preferences and that I prefer some things to others. Moreover, I’ve only been offered parts that people thought I’d be a good fit for.

Ayesha Jhulka
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