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Babil Khan discusses his online persona Bablu



Following the success of his debut in Anvita Dutt’s Qala, actor Babil Khan has formed an Instagram persona named Bablu. The performer keeps giving us glimpses into the daily challenges of the character.
Babil has released eight episodes thus far. Babil reveals his inspiration for the character and talks about how he reacted when a female labeled him a “fearless ball of life” in the pilot episode. In the ensuing episodes, Bablu faces challenges in a variety of areas, including arithmetic, spelling, the winter season, the prom, and playing the role of a genie who gives guidance.
Babil explained the inspiration behind his social media episodic character, Babu, as follows: “Bablu is the child inside of everyone, the child inside of you that is free of worries, ego, burdens of social morality and responsibilities, your inner child that lives with a true sense of freedom.”
“As we age in this world, we lose touch with our inner child,” Babil, son of the late actor Irrfan, said, “Bablu is the representation of the idea that the child inside of you, the purity of you, is still alive, all you need to learn to access it.”
The actor’s next project, “The Railway Men,” is a web series set to premiere in the near future.

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