Beginning of Russian oil unloading

Beginning of Russian oil unloading

Russia Pakistan Refinery

The beginning of unloading oil from Russia Pakistan Refinery Limited took delivery of 3,000 metric tonnes of the ship’s total crude oil cargo of 45,000 metric tonnes.People who are familiar with the situation informed Geo News on Monday that the process of offloading the discounted Russian crude oil from the tanker to a refinery in the port city began on the same day.People working inside the facility stated that Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) had received 3,000 metric tonnes of the 45,000 metric tonnes of crude oil that had been offloaded from the ship to the facility.They went on to say that it had taken more than 20 days for the crude oil to arrive in the country, and that it would be completely transferred to the refinery the next day. Following departure from the Port of Oman, the ship entered the waters off the coast of Pakistan.

Prime Minister

On Sunday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif made the announcement that the shipment had arrived in Karachi. This was a first for Pakistan, which has historically imported the commodity for countries in the oil-rich Gulf region.”I have kept another of the commitments I made to the people of this nation. We are pleased to inform that the first Russian crude oil cargo with a price discount has arrived in Karachi and will begin oil discharge tomorrow.He remarked that “today is a day of profound change.”Following the signing of a new agreement between Islamabad and Moscow in March, Pakistan placed its first purchase for discounted Russian crude oil in April.According to a story in the news, a test report on the quality, yields, transportation costs, and commercial viability of the crude oil would be presented to the government after the petroleum had been refined.


After the report is accepted, the government will pursue a government-to-government (GtG) deal with Russia that is intended to last for a significant amount of time.Additionally, the government will be able to evaluate the expenses of shipping, refining, and margins for refineries thanks to the test cargo, and it will also be able to determine how smoothly the payment mechanism that has been carved out based on the Yuan currency operates.The PRL, National Refinery Limited, Pak Arab Refinery Limited, and Byco Petroleum are the refineries that process the crude oil that Pakistan imports for 70% of its needs.Attock Refinery Limited is one of the local refineries that contributes to the remaining thirty percent by producing and refining locally grown crude oil.

oil imports

Pakistan is attempting to diversify its sources of oil imports in response to rising world costs, and the decision to acquire oil from Russia is part of that effort.Since Russia is such a significant producer of crude oil, it has extended price reductions to the country in question. The Bank of China will be responsible for processing the payment in Yuan for the Russian crude oil.According to reports, Pakistan purchased Russian crude for a price ranging from $50 to $52 per barrel, which is lower than the price cap of $60 per barrel that was imposed by the G7 countries; therefore, the price of furnace oil may go in an upward trajectory if it continues at this price.


Beginning of Russian oil unloading
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