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Celebrating his 38th birthday in style, here is how ‘Bollywood Diaries’ star Salim Diwan spent it

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Bollywood Diaries

‘Bollywood Dairies’ (2016) actor Salim Diwan is turning 38 today. The actor chose to celebrate his birthday by volunteering at a local orphanage. He says, “Birthdays are always special because you get a fresh start and reunite with old friends.” But I have a really particular addition to my daily regimen that I always do on that day. After relocating to Mumbai, I resumed my annual visit to an orphanage in Versova to celebrate my birthday. The affection of these lovely youngsters is a blessing. They are like my own blood relatives here, and I see them whenever I can. I have a deep connection to them. I do my utmost to supply them with their preferred items. This afternoon, we shared a supper and a cake.
When pressed for more information, he says, “My family is back in Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan). So, I got online and had a virtual birthday party with all of them. I went back to my hometown for Eid instead of celebrating my birthday with them. Having my friends surprise me and help me celebrate my birthday last night made it that much more memorable.
The actor is hoping for a very successful year in his professional life. He says, “I have a good feeling about this year. My upcoming web series is something I’ve been anticipating. Unfortunately, Tunisha, my co-star in the series, has passed away. A talented actor, she is greatly missed.

He continues, “In addition to that, my short film is about to be released. In addition to working on a few music videos, I’m now in negotiations for future over-the-top productions. I anticipate a very active 2023, particularly in the realm of streaming services (grins).

In addition to “Ankur Arora Murder Case” (2013) and “Aliya Basu Gayab Hai” (2023), Salim has appeared in more films.

Bollywood Diaries
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