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Chrisann Pereira

Chrisann Pereira recalls her time spent in prison in Sharjah: I shampooed my hair with dish soap and brewed coffee with water from the toilet

Chrisann Pereira

Chrisann Pereira

Chrisann Pereira, who appeared in Sadak 2, was released from a Sharjah prison on Thursday. The actress was taken into custody on April 1 in the UAE on drug possession accusations. Two individuals allegedly duped her by taking her to Sharjah under the guise of an audition for a Hollywood web series while also placing drugs on her.
The 27-year-old actress recently released a devastating letter detailing her time spent in prison in Sharjah. Chrisann recalled how she would use toilet water to brew her morning coffee and laundry detergent to clean her hair while incarcerated.
“Honourable Fighters, It took me 35 days in jail to track down a writing implement. Sometimes I would watch Bollywood films with tears in my eyes as I washed my hair with Tide and brewed my coffee with water from the toilet, but I always knew that my goal had led me here. When I think about how fortunate I am to live in this country, I can’t help but chuckle at times. “Being an Indian and a part of the Indian film industry makes me proud,” she said.
She went on, “I am just a pawn in this dirty game played by these ‘Mansters,’ and you are the real warriors.” I will be eternally indebted to everyone who tweeted and retweeted my tale in an effort to bring to justice the genuine culprits who were aiding worldwide organised crime. I miss my home and my country, which is a large and powerful one. You have no idea how many individuals you have helped by rescuing them from this con. To the cause of justice, always.
She was arrested together with Ravi Bobhate and Anthony Paul, who, according to a senior Mumbai Police official, sought Rs 80 lakh from her mother Premila to free their daughter. She went to the Mumbai police and reported them for cheating, which led to their incarceration.
He stated that after the relevant authorities reviewed the case files supplied by the Mumbai Police Department, Chrisann Pereira was discharged on Wednesday night. In a couple of days, she’ll be back in Mumbai.

Chrisann Pereira
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