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Crusader Kings III

In May, a new update for Crusader Kings III will be released, focusing on Tours and Tournaments

In the month of May, Crusader Kings III will embark on some brand new celebrations. The Crusader Kings III: Tours and Tournaments update will be released on May 11, 2023.

There has already been plenty of judicial drama in Crusader Kings, but this expansion plans to ramp up the spectacle. Celebrate a regal nuptial! No one has ever had anything but a positive experience. Participate in a tour, or even host your own competition. Leaving your kingdom to a shrewd and ambitious backseat driver will work out just fine, I’m confident.
However, there is more to it than just organizing activities. The new transportation system will incorporate route planning, which entails balancing the expediency of your trip with the security of your path.

New suits of armor and apparel are also being featured, in addition to the traditional Knightly Accolades. Even at a bloody competition, style matters.

Opening up new territory
Crusader Kings III’s Tours and Tournaments add-on will cost $29.99 when it launches alongside a “major” free update for all CKIII users. Alternatively, the Chapter II pack is available for those who desire a more deluxe experience.

Crusader Kings III Chapter Packs cost $34.99 and include a variety of fixes and additions. The Elegance of the Empire Pack, based on the clothing of actual emperors, is included free of charge with your purchase right now. The Wards and Wardens collection and the Legacy of Persia Pack will be made available to owners of Chapter II packs in the future, joining the Tours and Tournaments collection.

From what I’ve heard, a great deal more grand strategy is on the way, making this already-solid grand strategy game even better. On May 11, Crusader Kings III will receive Tours and Tournaments.

Crusader Kings III
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