Dead in Swat: Two Police Officers


The SWAT team lost two officers to gunfire.Umra Khan and Ashraf, both law enforcement officers, were killed when they came under fire early in the morning in the Sabzi Mandi neighbourhood of Mingora.In Mingora, SWAT, unidentified gunmen killed two police officers, according to official statements made on Thursday morning.The province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is engaged in the fight against terrorism, which has been on the rise in recent months.Since it terminated the truce with Islamabad in November of the previous year, the proscribed militant outfit known as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has increased its attacks against Pakistan’s security forces.

Pakistani security forces

As a direct response to this, the Pakistani security forces have stepped up their operations against militants in an effort to eradicate the threat posed by terrorism, which has seen significant declines in its prevalence in recent years.Umra Khan and Ashraf, both law enforcement officers, were shot in the early morning hours near the Sabzi Mandi district of Mingora, according to the police. After being transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment of their wounds, both Umra Khan and Ashraf passed away from their injuries.

law enforcement

Following the establishment of a perimeter around the location, the law enforcement officials initiated a search operation and subsequently detained two “suspects” from the surrounding region.In addition, according to the police, there are reports that three armed assailants who were part in the gunfight are currently on the run, and efforts are currently being made to capture them.The incident in Swat follows an assault on a police checkpoint in the Sarband neighbourhood of Peshawar late Tuesday night, which occurred after the death of a militant in the Matani neighbourhood.

heavy firing

According to The News, there was heavy firing from both sides as the vigilant cops replied; nonetheless, the law enforcers did not suffer any casualties in the exchange.There were rumours that someone had fired a rocket at the outpost in the wilderness.Over the course of the past two years, numerous assaults with automatic weapons and grenades have been launched on the police stations and posts located in this area of Peshawar.


Dead in Swat: Two Police Officers
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