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Destiny 2

The most recent Destiny 2 cheat selling case paid Bungie $12 million

Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Another legal victory for the DMCA
As the latest in a long line of successful cases against online cheat dealers, Bungie won its case this week against VeteranCheats and its proprietor, Mihai Claudiu-Florentin, receiving damages of $12 million.

The Game Post reported in 2021 that Bungie has sued VeteranCheats owner Claudi-Florentin of Romania for copyright infringement and tortious interference in connection with the sale of hacks and cheats for Bungie’s games. The essential programme gives the user the ability to auto-aim and see through walls.

Bungie said that the distribution of VeteranCheats was detrimental to Destiny 2 and its player base since it irritated players and undermined the developers’ intentions. Judgement for statutory damages of $2,000 each download of the cheat (5,848 total), copyright violation damages of $146,000, and legal fees for Bungie totaled well over $12 million USD.

After hearing Bungie’s case, a Washington court agreed with them and issued a judgement for $12,059,912.98 in damages. To add insult to injury, Claudi-Florentin was forbidden to take any action contrary to Bungie’s copyright statute and DMCA orders. VeteranCheats is, as of this writing, still live and selling hacks for titles like Call of Duty and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Obviously, the exploits in Destiny 2 have been patched up.

After previously winning damage lawsuits against organisations like AimJunkies, LaviCheats, and Elite Boss Tech, Bungie has launched yet another lawsuit against internet cheat dealers.

Destiny 2
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