‘Dil Ka Rishta’ app couples marry in a week.

‘Dil Ka Rishta’ app couples marry in a week.

Dil Ka Rishta

The c’ app was used during the entire process of a couple’s wedding, which took place within a week.Up to this point, the application has facilitated the successful pairing of thousands of individuals.By Web Desk June 10, 2023 On the Geo News series, Dil Ka Rishta, a newlywed couple discussed their experiences together as a married pair. — Geographic News On a recent episode of Geo News, a recently married couple discussed their involvement with the show “.” — Geographic News Waseem and Aroma were able to tie the knot in record time with the help of the matrimonial application “Dil Ka Rishta,” which has established a new standard by making the process of matchmaking more expedient and effective.

Hansna Mana Hai

During an episode of “Hansna Mana Hai” on Geo News, the newlywed couple discussed how they met via the “Dil Ka Rishta” app and married within a week of becoming engaged.The pair confessed to the host of the episode, Tabish Hashmi, that the application ushered in a brand new age of effective matchmaking into their life.Using the (DKR) app, the process of finding a partner and being married took only one week from start to finish.Waseem was sick of wasting his time with bogus dating apps, so a friend suggested that he sign up for . After setting up his profile, he didn’t have to look very far to find someone who was suitable for him. The families gave their blessing, and the wedding was held so abruptly that it was almost impossible to believe.

future bride

The future bride, Arooma, browsed through the profiles available on the app and became interested in Waseem’s. It took less than a week for her family to warm up to him and give their blessing, and the two of them are now living together happily. Waseem and Arooma both expressed their appreciation to the Dil Ka Rishta app for its speedy and dependable assistance in the pairing process.There have been as many as 245,337 successful matches formed using the Dil Ka Rishta app, while the app itself contains approximately 1,295,000 verified profiles. As a result, the service has garnered an enormous amount of trust from its users.

The validity of the app is ensured by a stringent verification process as well as cross-checking of information by physically visiting the user at their residence. The story of Waseem and Arooma exemplifies Dil Ka Rishta’s unparalleled achievement in arranging matches that are both speedy and successful.


‘Dil Ka Rishta’ app couples marry in a week.
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