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Dill Mill Gayye

Pankit Thakker, star of Dill Mill Gayye, is shocked by Huma Qureshi’s braless appearance at a screening of Dahaad. The clothes were obscene and inappropriate

Dill Mill Gayye

Dill Mill Gayye

A recent red carpet appearance by Huma Qureshi at a special screening of Dahaad caused quite a stir. She was spotted out and about in a patterned dress with a low cut neckline. Later, Sonakshi Sinha joined her, and the two actresses joyfully posed for photos. Even though Huma looked beautiful at the occasion, TV star Pankit Thakker (known for programmes like Dill Mill Gayye and Kumkum) thought her outfit was sexist and offensive.
Pankit voiced his disapproval of Huma to an entertainment website, saying that the actress’ braless outfit was inappropriate for a conservative country like India. He claimed that Huma’s clothes made her look disdainful to Indian culture and a rebel.
He went on to say how much better Sonakshi dressed than Huma. He commented that the way Sonakshi dresses strikes a nice balance between modernity and modesty. He elaborated that such ensembles demonstrate to young ladies that it is feasible to follow trends while still honouring one’s heritage.
He went on to say that famous people should consider the consequences of their acts for the greater good. He believes that famous people have a responsibility to set a positive example and use their influence for good.
Pankit contrasted Sonakshi with Huma before drawing to a close, suggesting that Huma learn from Sonakshi’s example on how to dress appropriately for a public function and serve as a role model for young people.

Dill Mill Gayye
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