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drug mule

Chrisann Pereira’s mom Premila opens up about her daughter’s terrifying ‘drug mule’ experience, saying, “My daughter is surrounded by criminals in jail” (Exclusive)

drug mule

drug mule

Chrisann Pereira, an actress, fell for a con by two men who used her as a drug courier. They smuggled cannabis seeds into a trophy and convinced a young actress to take it with her to the United Arab Emirates and Sharjah so that she could audition for a part in a web series. Chrisann has been in jail for weeks after being busted for cocaine possession in Sharjah. Criminals Anthony Paul and Ravi aka Rajesh Babhote have been named. The Crime Branch of Mumbai apprehended the two guys for their roles in setting up Chrisann as a fall guy in a narcotics trafficking ring. This information added a fresh layer of complexity to the story, showing that Anthony Paul had planned this whole thing to get back at Chrisann’s mom, Premila. A preliminary investigation indicated that Anthony conceived of the scheme after he and Premila got into a fight a few months prior, during which he threatened to hurt a dog that had been barking at him.
Chrisann’s mother Premila provides even more weird details about her daughter’s episode and her alleged argument with Paul, the proprietor of a bakery, than the story already sounds. Premila spoke to ETimes about her daughter’s tragedy and the perpetrator’s psychopathic motivations.
To quote Premila: “We have to submit the FIR in Arabic to get my daughter’s case resolved;” I have no idea when my daughter will return. It will take many days. That is not made clear at all. Over in Sharjah, there is a procedure that requires us to report the FIR in Arabic. For me, it is crucial that this problem be fixed right away. For me, every day is a setback. I’m going to the Mantralaya tomorrow; here’s hoping I can receive this paperwork.
In the mornings, I always call my daughter. While she was initially relieved by the news of Anthony and Ravi’s arrest, her mood has since soured because she had a chance encounter with the police, who laughed at her and told her, “You’re going to be here for many days.” It’s quite challenging to deal with her feelings while we’re here and she’s not. That’s why I’d like to see her leave. I want the government to know that she is completely blameless and has no business being in jail for even a day. My kid is being held in a cell among known criminals and a swarm of bugs. Please, Government, just get things done quickly. They cannot handle her like a typical patient. They have to admit that she is probably innocent at this point.
People are trying to help, and they all love my daughter.
Jehan, the head of the drama department where Chrisann studies, has offered to lend a hand. From afar, he attempted to enlist her assistance. Lots of individuals are making an effort, praying, and making contact. Everyone adores her. The majority of our people agree that she is innocent. And now we know for sure that she is not guilty. We need action in Sharjah right now. If not, we shall all go crazy. We can’t assume their sluggishness will continue indefinitely. They must arrange bail for her release from prison. She has air conditioning and food in jail, but I don’t want her there; I want my daughter home.Anthony and I got into a fight over a stray puppy.Every criminal act is rooted in some sort of resentment or vengeance. One day, Anthony paid a visit to his sibling. No, I had no idea who he was. In our building’s courtyard, I witnessed him hurl a chair at a stray dog. Maybe the stray could smell something off and growled at him. The stray was never violent toward humans. But when Anthony arrived, she greeted him with a bark. Finally, he decided to throw a chair at the canine. That irritated me a lot. I found out that he had visited his sister, who had moved into our building a year ago. Once, he started arguing with me over the dog. Definitely remember getting into an argument with him, but details are fuzzy at best. His mother came to comfort him, stating he has a temper problem. After that, we got along great. When he visited his sister, that’s when we first met. Greetings, he was quite approachable. He pursued a connection throughout the year. He has a bakery where we can get fresh bread and pastries in our settlement. That’s how he started to feel comfortable around me. He proposed that we spend a year in Hyderabad.
Chrisann is naturally suspicious of new people, but these con artists proved too astute.
Anthony was never a concern for my kid. Anthony says his brother works with Ekta Kapoor and is a fashion designer. So, he always promised to hook up my daughter. My daughter, however, is picky about her future occupation. Not just any audition will do for her. That’s why I’m concerned; how did she fall for such a con? She just graduated from acting school where she received excellent training. She is exceedingly selective about the people she associates with and the projects she accepts.
She only met him because he was my contact and invited her to an audition. He referred to a reputable studio that she has yet to divulge to me as the source of his quote. There was some sway in her opinion. He went too far, though. On March 25, he finally got to talk to her, and on March 27, he bought the tickets he needed to get to the audition on April 1. Nothing was required of my daughter. Her passport was good till April 10th. He told her she was the last remaining performer and should get on a plane immediately. She was scheduled to leave for the UAE on April 1 and return on April 2. Since the trip would only take one day, she had no complaints. She’s an ambitious young woman who is also incredibly upbeat, optimistic, and active. She checked everything out and completed all necessary procedures. They were too astute of con artists. Everything was well-researched.

drug mule
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