During a royal engagement, Prince William.

During a royal engagement, Prince William addresses criticism of Kate Middleton.


royal engagement

During a royal engagement, Prince William gives his response to comments made regarding Kate Middleton.When Prince William received an unexpected praise about his wife, he came up with the ideal response.When a cancer patient opened out to Prince William about his wife, Kate Middleton, William took the comments in stride and showed good sportsmanship.On Thursday, the Prince of Wales, who is forty years old, made his way into the public eye to inaugurate the Oak Cancer Centre at the Royal Marsden, which is a brand-new cancer research and treatment centre. During the course of the visit, William made a point of stopping to have a conversation with one of the former patients who was there with his current wife.

National Health Service

The patient was taken aback by how tall the prince was when he first saw him, and immediately after shaking his hand, he expressed his amazement. However, William was quick to retort, pointing to his shoes and saying, ‘I have heels on.’After that, the royal’s wife had a conversation with him. She lauded the efforts of the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom, which had cared for her husband for the previous decade. The patient then shared their perspective, saying, “Do you see these folks here? They’re ugly, but they taste wonderful,” to which Prince William responded with a chuckle.

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“Your wife’s not bad,” the patient said as a way to redirect the conversation in a new direction. Additionally, “She is a very pleasant lady.”To this the prince laughed, nodded his head in agreement, and remarked, “she is a nice lady” before turning to the man’s wife and commenting, “He’s a chatty one! I’m willing to wager that the nurses have their eyes on you.


This is not the first time that the king has been complimented on his wife in an encounter of this kind.Angela Moran shared her story with People Magazine about her interaction with a royal during their trip to Ireland in 2020, when they were there to meet with well-wishers.”I told him that I really admired him and Catherine, and he said, ‘Thank you very much,'” she explained. “I told him that I really admired him and Catherine.” “I said, ‘I love her,’ and he said, ‘I do too — it’s nice of you to say so.'”


During a royal engagement, Prince William.
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