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Elli Avram

In the words of Elli Avram, “Malaika Arora has the best wardrobe ever.”

Elli Avram

Elli Avram

Recently, at Bombay Times Fashion Week, Elli Avram stunned the audience by walking the runway for INIFD. The actress caused a sensation with her self-assurance and her convertible dress on the runway.
After her exciting walk down the runway, Elli happily chatted with us about her fashion sense and the time she spends getting ready for special occasions. As she puts it, “I usually take one or one-and-a-half hours to get ready for a red carpet event and that is mainly because there are people who do your hair and makeup and that takes time.”
Has Elli ever given any thought to designing her own wedding dress, given how amazing the sight of her short black dress morphing into a royal blue gown was on the runway? She says with a wry smile, “I have been looking at so many beautiful and gorgeous wedding dresses that I feel like I will be confused when I will be choosing my wedding outfit, and would want to wear it all!”
Yet, she continues, “I also feel that my wedding dress can have five different dresses in one, which can keep changing as I take each step, until the final dress is revealed at the end.” What a great idea!
The Mickey Virus starlet reveals, “It was back home in Sweden.” when asked about her first time walking the runway. As a kid, I had a secret ambition to walk the runway for a living. Unfortunately, I was unable to pursue a career in modelling due to my height. But there was this one fashion show where they insisted I walk despite my short stature, and so I did, and I strutted my stuff like a tigress.
But fate had other ideas, and Bollywood became Elli’s calling. If you were to ask her which Bollywood actress she thinks has the best sense of style, she’d undoubtedly choose Malaika Arora. Her denim, crop tops, coats, and heels are all fantastic. What I really want is her closet.

Elli Avram
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