Elon Musk agrees with the Unabomber that technology can be dangerous.

Elon Musk agrees with the Unabomber that technology can be dangerous.


Elon Musk agrees with what the Unabomber said about the dangers of technology.
Despite the fact that he believes technology could be harmful to humanity, Elon Musk remains one of the most prominent figures in the technology business.People appear to have taken a stance on the issue now that Elon Musk has stated that he agrees with the Unabomber’s thesis that technology is harmful. For a long time, many people had questioned whether or not adopting the technology of today would prove to be safe.On Saturday, the tech millionaire Elon Musk suggested that the Unabomber’s claim that technology poses a threat to society’might not be wrong’.

terrorist act

Ted Kaczynski, who was infamously known as the Unabomber, passed away earlier that day after having served more than 25 years in jail for a terrorist act that resulted in the deaths of three people and injuries sustained by 23 more.Over the course of 17 years, he lived in a secluded house that lacked electricity and running water, and he was responsible for the bombing of several professors, computer business owners, and an American Airlines flight.In response to a tweet that referenced the most well-known passage from Musk’s manifesto, the business magnate remarked, “The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.”

richest person

The richest person in the world then shared a meme that suggested Kaczynski’s method of death, which was rumoured to have been suicide, was a mistake. The meme said that Kaczynski shouldn’t have killed himself.Musk’s views are very confusing because of his history of advocating for huge technological breakthroughs such as sending people to Mars, self-driving cars, and his proposed Neuralink brain chips.A human study of Neuralink’s brain implants was given the green light to begin earlier this month after the company was given permission to do so. Musk believes that it will be possible to restore sight to the blind and restore movement to the paralysed using this technology.

CEO of Tesla

During an interview with Tucker Carlson in April, the CEO of Tesla said that artificial intelligence “holds the possibility of civilization destruction,” which shows that AI is the basis of his “technology anxiety.”However, he continues to be the most well-known figure in the technological industry, which makes this occurrence one of his strangest statements.According to Business Insider, others used The Unabomber’s radical Luddite views to make satirical and not necessarily ironic comments on the advancement of technology, so turning him into a sort of meme.According to the report, a request for comment made by Insider was not immediately responded to by Nueuralink, and an automatic reply sent by Twitter in response to the question avoided the matter entirely.

Elon Musk agrees with the Unabomber that technology can be dangerous.
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