Fans believe Ranbir Kapoor
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Fans believe Ranbir Kapoor

Fans believe Ranbir Kapoor has gifted Alia Bhatt an expensive handbag worth Rs 10 lakh on their first wedding anniversary

Fans believe Ranbir Kapoor

Fans believe Ranbir Kapoor

The first anniversary of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s marriage was recently celebrated. The couple had gone outside on a Friday to have a look at their new Mumbai construction site. When they were approached by the photographers, Ranbir was all grins while Alia was seen blushing. Fans noticed Alia was holding a high-priced purse in the photos and began speculating that it was an anniversary present from Ranbir.
Ranbir was spotted leaving the Mumbai airport with a bag of groceries in a video posted online by the paparazzi. It was speculated that he had travelled to London to purchase a Chanel purse for Alia, which would have set him back over USD 12250 (around Rs 10 lakh).
Alia was seen with Ranbir with a handbag on their anniversary, leading many to speculate that it was a present from Ranbir. But there’s been no formal word on that front.
Alia was spotted kissing Ranbir on the cheek in the car on their wedding day. Ranbir wore a grey t-shirt and trousers, while Alia sported a white t-shirt and black jeans.
In celebration of their one anniversary as husband and wife, Alia posted a series of throwback photos of herself and Ranbir with the comment, “Happy Day.” The wedding took place on April 13, 2022, at Ranbir’s Vastu home in the Pali Hill neighbourhood. Brahmastra was the catalyst for their love affair. They have a daughter named Raha in November of 2022.

Fans believe Ranbir Kapoor
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