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Final Fantasy XIV

The entirety of what has been demonstrated in today’s Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 Live Letter

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Today marked the debut of the Patch 6.4 Live Letter, which detailed upcoming changes and additions to Square Enix’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game. After Endwalker, the plot has steadily increased tension with each subsequent patch.

In contrast to previous issues, today’s Live Letter appeared to put more emphasis on supplementary material. While we were given a name and glimpses of what was to come, we were also given confirmation of exciting updates to ancillary material. With the help of unofficial translations found in the Final Fantasy XIV Discord, let’s take a look at the complete rundown of news.

“The Black Throne”
As we progress towards Eorzea’s next great era, we have settled on a name for Final Fantasy XIV: The Dark Throne. A new labyrinth and Trial were confirmed, but otherwise, not much was revealed. In late May, you can anticipate its arrival.
In this sequel to the earlier Sorrows of Werlyt adventure, Tataru’s Grand Endeavor proceeds. You should presumably finish that up now, before the update. (For what it’s worth, they’re a good idea.)
There will be more Hildibrand exploits in the future, but you’ll have to wait until Patch 6.45 for them.
In addition, Patch 6.45 introduces new versions of the Splendid Tools and Manderville Weapons.
The Z1T9 Containment Bay is the site of the next Unreal Trial.

Final Fantasy XIV
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