Fire Emblem Engage 2.0
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Fire Emblem Engage 2.0

With the release of Fire Emblem Engage 2.0 comes a massive plot growth

Fire Emblem Engage 2.0

Fire Emblem Engage 2.0

Even after the game’s 2.0 upgrade, It will continue to receive patches and downloadable content (DLC) via the expansion pass system. Let’s have a short rundown of the main features of Fire Emblem Engage 2.0.

The most significant development is the release of the expansion pass’s Wave 4. Micro-expansions like Fell Xenologue add additional playable characters, maps, locations, and class varieties. This comes after three rounds of content that were more like micro-DLC, featuring shorter battles and the option to enlist spirits. More “update bonuses” are available in version 2.0, and you can get them by going to the Somniel, the game’s center.

The other piece of information involves a “collaboration” with Fire Emblem Heroes, which essentially involves bonus items (and will be either useless or interesting, depending on how involved you are with Nintendo’s mobile side). Similarly nebulous bug patches have been released.

Unless you’re really into Fell Xenologue, there isn’t much here to get excited about. The complete patch details for Fire Emblem Engage 2.0 are available down below.

Patch details for this Version 2.0 (full link)
Ver. 2.0.0 (Released April 4, 2023)
Status Reports
Compatible with the Expansion Pass’s Wave 4 features.
It’s been updated to include a bonus. After completing Chapter 5, you will be able to obtain items upon entering the Somniel.
The Nintendo eShop now offers free downloadable content created in tandem with the smartphone game “Fire Emblem Heroes.”
After downloading the information from the eShop, you will be able to acquire items upon entering the Somniel.
Players who have already accessed the “Fire Emblem Heroes” link-up benefits cannot do so again.
Problems have been resolved, making the game more enjoyable.

Fire Emblem Engage 2.0
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