Foreign Minister Bilawal is in Jordan for the ‘royal

Foreign Minister Bilawal is in Jordan for the ‘royal wedding’ festivities.

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The Pakistani Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, is now on an official trip in Jordan and Iraq. The trip was announced by the Foreign Office, which stated that the minister will first fly to Jordan to attend a royal wedding at the request of Jordan’s Royal family. The Foreign Office stated that the minister will return to the United Kingdom after the wedding. Because Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein is about to marry his Saudi fiancee Rajwa Al Saif, the upcoming wedding is an important event in the country.The normally tranquil desert country has been transformed into a flurry of activity due to the event, with celebratory fireworks, music, and a buzz on social media.

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Guests of note include various regional monarchs, the First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.A great royal procession will take place as part of the celebrations surrounding the wedding. The procession will feature a crimson motorcade, which is the kind of vehicle that is generally designated for significant events. In honour of the wedding of the Crown Prince, who will soon turn 28 years old, and his fiancée-to-be, the motorcade will travel around Amman, the capital city of Jordan. There is a widespread feeling of royal fever across Jordan as a result of the wedding, which has captivated the imagination of the Jordanian people.


After completing his time in Jordan, Foreign Minister Bilawal will continue his trip by going to Iraq from June 5th through the 7th. The trip to Iraq is being planned so that he can meet with members of the Iraqi leadership, including his counterpart, and hold in-depth conversations with them. Although particular details were not disclosed, the communiqué issued by the Foreign Office said that significant agreements would be inked during the visit.

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Dr. Fuad Hussein, who serves as Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, was the one who extended the invitation to travel to Iraq. This visit emphasises the developing diplomatic connections between Pakistan and Iraq, with both countries trying to strengthen cooperation and promote bilateral relations. This visit takes place at a time when both countries are seeking to strengthen cooperation and enhance bilateral relations.The fact that Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal travelled to Jordan and Iraq reflects the country’s dedication to maintaining diplomatic connections and actively engaging with partners in the region.


These kinds of visits are extremely important for promoting better understanding between nations, identifying new avenues for cooperation, and fortifying the political and economic relationships that exist between countries.Because the foreign minister is representing Pakistan on this official tour, he will be attending the royal wedding in Jordan, which will be followed by meetings in Iraq, where they will have the opportunity to address issues of mutual interest. These issues may include regional security, cultural exchanges, and trade. The fact that significant agreements were signed during the visit demonstrates that both countries are dedicated to expanding their cooperation and investigating new options for furthering their work together in a variety of domains.

Jordan and Iraq

In general, the trip that Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal took to Jordan and Iraq illustrates Pakistan’s active engagement in regional matters as well as its dedication to preserving cordial relations with nations that are geographically next to it. Pakistan hopes to make a positive contribution to the stability of the area and cultivate genuine partnerships by taking part in big events and engaging with key leaders. These activities will be to the mutual benefit of all parties involved.


Foreign Minister Bilawal is in Jordan for the ‘royal
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