G20 demonstrations in Srinagar

G20 demonstrations in Srinagar

1.sanctioned referendum

Kashmiris have been waiting for a UN-sanctioned referendum to be held in the disputed area of Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan has brought up this matter everywhere it can, but the United Nations has taken a long time to actually do something about it. India has now issued a clear response to the entire world by abolishing Kashmir’s special status and holding ac summit in a contentious region.However, India’s strategic move backfired, and the issue of Kashmir is once again becoming prominent in the eyes of the whole world as major nations from around the world proceed and participate in Srinagar, as if they were sealing the confirmation that this disputed region is Indian territory.


2. tame Kashmir’s

India has been trying to tame Kashmir’s freedom fighters by constantly setting up fresh traps for them. They came up with a new plan to officially document their brutal occupation of Kashmir. But things turned around when China made it crystal clear that it would not be attending the Srinagar summit alongside Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt. India’s devious motives for hosting the G20 summit in Srinagar have been uncovered. There is a general strike in the Occupied Valley, protests by Kashmiris around the world, and calls for the United Nations and other powerful organisations to uphold the resolutions, commitments, and memoranda they’ve made.Despite India’s best efforts over the past seven decades, the courageous locals of the Kashmir Valley have managed to free their people from slavery.

3. freedom movement

The people of Pakistan have been supportive of the freedom movement of Kashmiris in the occupied region, and the Pakistani government has not responded as hoped. Instead, a lenient stance has been taken towards the issue throughout all administrations in Pakistan.The Foreign Minister was therefore delegated to deliver a speech to the Assembly of Azad Kashmir. If Pakistan had sent its foreign minister and a delegation made up of representatives of political parties loyal to the Kashmir cause along with the G20 announcement, India might have been compelled to move the conference from Srinagar. Instead, Pakistan can only condemn the event.

4. brazen

The only reason India is becoming more brazen is because Pakistani leaders are giving such a lax response. There has been renewed focus on the fact that Pakistan’s rulers have not been making a sincere effort to prove that Kashmir is indeed a part of Pakistan since August 2019. Claims made in public about the Occupied Valley and advertisements in newspapers would not change India’s course, therefore there’s no point in making them.The Foreign Ministry must be activated if we are to prevent India from achieving its goals. These trips should provide fruitful outcomes indicative of well-executed foreign policy by the Foreign Ministry.

5.Kashmir fighting for freedom

If this cannot be done, then no limits should be placed on the people of Kashmir or those fighting for their freedom. To drive home the point to India, it’s worth noting that Pakistan is governed by a group of people who share similar views.Even though the PDM’s member parties have been accusing the Imran Khan administration of a deal on Kashmir up until the day before yesterday, Khan and his party are now in control of the government, and the Kashmir cause has been reduced to empty rhetoric. The people of Pakistan have backed the Kashmiris in Pakistan, but the country’s leaders have been utilising the Kashmir issue as a political rallying cry for their own gain. This time around,

G20 demonstrations in Srinagar
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