Georgian PM: “Where is the logic?”

Georgian PM: “Where is the logic?” country would not impose sanctions against Russia

  1. Georgian PM: Sanctions on Russia Would Devastate Economy

If Tbilisi were to impose sanctions on one of its most important commercial partners, Georgian residents and the economy of the nation as a whole would suffer, according to Irakli Garibashvili.Doha, Qatar – The Prime Minister of Georgia has stated that placing sanctions on Russia would “destroy” the economy of Tbilisi and “damage the interests” of the people of Georgia.Despite the fact that Russia is one of Georgia’s biggest commercial partners, relations between the two nations have been tense for a long time.

  1. Tensions Between Georgia and Russia Impact Commercial Relations

According to statements made by Irakli Garibashvili on Wednesday during the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha, Georgia’s yearly economic turnover with Russia is “less than $1 billion.” “Isn’t it crazy that this is happening? That one billion dollars would have no impact on the Russian economy.When compared with us, the European Union does as much business with Russia in only four days as we do in a whole year of trading. When we are asked to implement sanctions against Russia, where is the logic in that?In addition to this, he drew parallels between the international response to the Russo-Georgian war in 2008 and the crisis in Ukraine, saying things such as “Did anyone impose sanctions on Russia because of our battle? No nation or organisation anywhere in the world issued a formal response.

  1. Georgian PM Highlights Limited Economic Impact of Trade with Russia

“Where is the logic in saying that ‘our war is not a war,’ but the conflict in Ukraine is a war?Russia invaded Ukraine in August of 2008 and eventually took control of two separatist territories; these were Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The conflict only lasted a few days.Georgia, a former Soviet nation, has been attempting to strike a balance between its relationship with it neighbour and its aspirations to join the European Union ever before the conflict in Ukraine began.The previous year, when Russia issued an order for a partial mobilisation, hundreds of men who did not wish to serve fled to Georgia in search of refuge.

  1. PM Draws Parallels Between Russo-Georgian War and Ukraine Crisis

As of the beginning of this month, Tbilisi lifted a flying restriction against Russia in response to a decision made by Moscow.

However, since the war in 2008, the two countries have not had diplomatic contact with one another.”Georgia is extremely in a difficult situation due to our geography, because of the ongoing occupation,” Garibashvili stated.Critics of the Georgian prime minister and his governing party, the Georgia Dream party (also known as Kartuli Otsneba), have alleged that they are pro-Russian, despite the fact that public support for Ukraine is high in Georgia.At a time when the EU’s airspace continues to be closed to Russian planes as a response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili and the EU both denounced the decision regarding flights.

5.Georgia Struggles to Balance Relationship with Russia and EU Aspirations

“This step raises concerns in terms of Georgia’s EU path and its commitment to align with the EU in the foreign policy,” said Peter Stano, a spokesman for EU foreign affairs. “This step raises concerns in terms of Georgia’s EU path and its commitment to align with the EU in the foreign policy.”Garibashvili defended the decision to begin flights while he was in Doha.According to what Garibashvili had to say, “We didn’t say that we would stop economic relations with Russia… many countries do flights with Russia.”Politically, we are all impacted in some way by this war. It is well knowledge that Russia currently controls around twenty percent of the land that makes up Ukraine. This is how things stand at the moment.”Regrettably, we did not find any indication that this battle is likely to be over in the near future. This is the crux of the matter.”…ountry-would-not/

Georgian PM: “Where is the logic?”
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