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Godday Godday Chaa review

Godday Godday Chaa review: Girls want pleasure and gulab jamuns in this glittering gem.

It’s difficult to picture modern weddings without female guests. None, tragically, there was once a period when in Punjab, traditionally, women (particularly in the rural) did not join the baraat (groom’s bridal procession). The recent Punjabi film Godday Godday Chaa delves at the pervasive social norm of keeping women at home and excluding them from celebrations.

Vijay Kumar Arora

  1. Godday Godday Chaa is the latest film from director Vijay Kumar Arora, whose previous film Kali Jotta (2023) examined patriarchy and gender violence. The film explores the various ways in which toxic masculinity and societal norms stifle women’s lives, leaving them unable to be authentic versions of themselves. In contrast to the former, though, this approach is humorous and engaging.


  • Sonam Bajwa (Rani) is an intelligent young woman who gets wed off to Bagga (Gitaj Bindrakhia) despite her desire to finish school and find a profession. When she visits her husband’s family, she learns that the women there wish they could participate in the wedding celebrations, but that society (mostly men) does not allow them to. Since they can’t join in the extravagant feast, dance, and ribaldry, they’re left at home to make do with the scraps and content themselves with watching videos of the celebrations on television.The subject hits close to home for Rani, so she decides to take up the cause of women and fight for real change. But it’s no easy task, and the males of the hamlet put up stiff opposition as the women of the village band together to achieve their goal.
  • Jagdeep Sidhu

Qismat (2018) and Sufna (2020) screenwriter Jagdeep Sidhu takes us back in time to the days of the radio, VCR, and landline telephone, when it only took cutting a wire to disrupt contact. Taking inspiration from old Hindi films, especially those starring Madhuri Dixit, can result in some very funny lines of conversation and sequences. While there are plenty of funny scenes and sharp lines of conversation, the film also criticises a culture that condones patriarchal aggression against women and shows their silent suffering. The picture may be overly dramatic at times, but the subject is important enough to warrant exploration.

Nirmal Rishi and Rupinder Rupi

The lives of women, their simple aspirations, and their capacity to creatively turn the patriarchal on its head by playing the victim to the hilt are all eloquently captured in Sidhu’s work. The brilliant exchange between Nirmal Rishi and Rupinder Rupi on how husbands treat their wives like livestock is just one example. Sidhu also counteracts toxic masculinity by showing that Rani and Bagga’s marriage might be an alternative to the traditional heteronormative model. Arora expertly guides Sonam Bajwa and Tania to stellar performances in the film. The two starring actresses had worked together before, in the 2019 film Guddiyan Patole. Bajwa has great charisma on television, while Tania’s over-the-top acting is funny. Gitaj Bindrakhia, who had a demanding part in Moh (2022), is similarly impressive here. Everyone in the supporting cast should get a standing ovation for their crucial roles in establishing the film’s mood.

Godday Godday Chaa review
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