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Starter Guide for Guilty Gear Strive lets Bedman? sleep

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Tomorrow, one of the most peculiar and enigmatic characters in the history of fighting games—the mysterious and shockingly tragic Bedman—will return. makes their triumphant comeback to the Guilty Gear Strive roster — Arc System Works, the game’s publisher, has published a new Starter Guide, reacquainting players with the bizarro fighter just in time for bed. At the end of Guilty Gear Xrd – Revelator, the original Bedman apparently dies, but not before having the foresight to ensure that their personality has been programmed into the bed itself, effectively giving the sickly Gear a second chance at life. Bedman? returns to the GG arena, this time under the watchful eye of his sister Delilah. The bed has seen better days, but it is still a formidable foe, with a wide variety of attacks and weapons that can guarantee the brothers’ survival, at least in some form or another… Bedman? is shaping up to be one of the more challenging characters in the GG Strive roster, demanding expert use of timing and positioning in addition to a thorough familiarity with their unconventional hit/hurtbox, even by Guilty Gear’s high standards. Bedman’s standard play involves firing off special attacks (from a distance or in close quarters) and then successfully spacing out a series of automatic follow-up attacks (which can be delayed by the player or canceled by the opponent). In Error 6E State, Bedman is vulnerable to a variety of strikes that occur a second or two later.

These attacks include Bedman’s projectile (Call 4BA), dash attack (Call 4B3), and brutal knockdown (Call 4B9). To truly master Bedman?, one must not only become adept at using these attacks to close the gap and overwhelm the opponent, but also at managing the follow-up attacks and the intervals between their activation and detonation in order to keep the opponent on edge and waiting for a counter.

Guilty Gear
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