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Hansika Motwani

Hansika Motwani reveals it took her 7-8 years to say yes to Sohael Khaturiya after breaking up with STR Simbu

Hansika Motwani

Hansika Motwani

The announcement of Hansika Motwani and Sohael Khaturiya’s wedding caused a media frenzy. The wedding took place at Mundtota Fort and Palace in Jaipur last December. After a bitter breakup with popular Tamil actor STR Simbu in 2014, Hansika revealed in a new interview that Sohael persuaded her to give love another chance.
“It was a long process. I put off finally accepting a proposal for seven or eight years. The power of love is undeniable in my eyes. I consider myself a romantic, but my feelings in such situations tend to be stifled. I consider marriage a sacred institution and think that love can conquer all. Telling the truth, I deliberated for a long time over whether or not to say yes to the person I know would be my forever. Since meeting Sohail, my faith in love has only grown. Hansika told India Today, “He made sure I fell head over heels for him and yeah, god had his own way.”
For Hansika, the takeaway from her previous relationship is that every new one starts from scratch and develops in its own unique way. She went on to explain that the relationship with Sohael is unique and operates in its own way, unlike the one she had in the past.
Simbu had previously discussed his failed engagement to Hansika. He claimed that the actress dumped him when he was down on his luck and unable to pay his bills. Theirs was one of the most talked-about relationships because of how public it was. Similarly, Simbu had hoped to marry Hansika, but that didn’t work out. There is still no explanation for why they broke up.

The actress revealed that everyone is aware that she is in a relationship on her reality show Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama, which featured coverage of her wedding to Sohael. But now she was set on getting married to whoever she happened to be seeing at the time.

Hansika Motwani
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