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Early Access for Havendock launches on April 20



Different Tales has revealed that on April 20, 2023, the Steam Early Access version of YYZ’s ambitious dock colony builder, Havendock, will be available to players.

Havendock has proven its mettle in both test and demo forms. It’s a colony-building game where you start out collecting driftwood and work your way up to ruling a small island country. To create your underwater utopia, you farm, make, and innovate.
Yeo Ying Zhi (YYZ), Havendock’s lone developer, has demonstrated a dedication to involving the local community in the project. I’d love to put off as much as possible, but I can’t let down the people who are anticipating Havendock by keeping them waiting. A wonderful incentive, but I need to set an alarm to get to sleep now,” they said in a statement.

I like how the video immediately jumps into the action. The animation and character interactions appear a little rough, but there’s no reason to try to cover that up. It was created by a single programmer, a distinction that is increasingly being claimed by games.

Havendock will remain in Early Access at YYZ for the remainder of 2018. A lot of the framework is in place for the early launch, but the story needs to be fleshed out, and the aim is to incorporate a lot of input from the community. It will be exciting to see how the idea develops.

On April 20, 2023, Havendock will enter Early Access on Steam for PC.

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