How does hijab affect Amina Hanif’s football career?

How does hijab affect Amina Hanif’s football career?


How does football player Amina Hanif feel about having to wear a hijab while she competes?”I like being different – the hijab means that I stand out on the pitch more,” explains Amina. a midfielder for Pakistan who wears a hijab (a headscarf) while playing football, remarked that she “likes being different” when she opened up about her experience playing while wearing the hijab.Amina, who is presently playing for Chesham United, told The Guardian, “I used to think I stand out so badly wearing a hijab, and that lowered my confidence and distracted me from my game.” Amina is currently playing for Chesham United.


She claimed that at first it was challenging for her to interact with others while wearing the hijab, but that over time things became easier for her.On the other hand, she stated that things had evolved at a later time.”After some time had passed, something just clicked, and I found that I no longer cared about virtually anything. “When nothing affects you, it gives you a really good feeling,” she added.Amina, who just made her debut for Pakistan’s national team, aspires to serve as a role model for younger females who play football.


wearing a hijab

“I enjoy being unique, and wearing a hijab allows me to distinguish myself more on the pitch.” The only difficulty I face in modern times is when I have to arrange my headscarf after heading the ball or when I have to conceal my pins from the referee before the game. I was offered a hijab by Nike, but I’m not interested since I want to design my own iconic hijab,” she stated.”Playing at the highest level has always been my primary objective. On the other hand, before this opportunity presented itself, I had never really given much thought to the Pakistan women’s squad. This demonstrates that one can never truly predict where their life will lead them.

Pakistani community

The Pakistani community in the United Kingdom is underrepresented in several of the country’s sporting events. But I hope that by becoming a part of the team, I can encourage other young women in Pakistan and the United Kingdom to participate in sports and pursue activities that they are passionate about.She also expressed confidence that Pakistan’s indigenous football talent would flourish if the country had an organised football league.

“Pakistan population

“Pakistan has such a large population, and believe me when I say that there is talent out there – and it’s not just limited to boys. It is unfortunate that there is not even a basic setup or scouting in place at this point. “I hope by bringing more success with the national team, other girls will feel it’s worth the time and effort to pursue their dreams,” she added. “It’s a dream worth pursuing.”



How does hijab affect Amina Hanif’s football career?
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