I am blessed
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I am blessed

On his weekly darshan, Amitabh Bachchan gives fans a glimpse into his personal life by sharing candid photos and the phrase “I am blessed.”

I am blessed

I am blessed

A pleasant surprise awaited the hundreds of fans who gathered outside Amitabh Bachchan’s home for his weekly darshan.
For a change, the superstar pointed the cameras at his adoring fans and shared some candid photos taken outside the Jalsa gates. The actor took care to include all of his supporters in a blog post he named “WELL WISHER SPECIAL,” posting pictures of small children and their parents, dogs and their owners, admirers of all ages, and people from all over the world.
Bachchan posted the images to his blog with humorous captions. An excerpt from a letter the actor wrote reads, “They all come from different walks of life and in different modes and moods, express at times the expectation, at times the joy, at times the inform to the others they come with.. but they come, and I am blessed… (sic).”
When Bachchan posted a photo of a woman who seemed to be from another nation, he remarked on the tattoo on her arm: “No idea what the tattoo on her arm depicts.. seems from a foreign country.. wonder what she will go back with after this visit.. talk well of India.”
Along with the video, he posted a snapshot of a toddler who appears to be absolutely bewildered by the crowds and wrote, “.. he or she would never know what the fuss is all about..!!!”
He then captioned a photo of a dog with, “.. nor this fellow..”
While he was at it, he gave some advice to a young woman who was transporting four people on a scooter. Worriedly, the actor remarked, “Oh dear.. need to be careful.. wonder if this is allowed, but how to take the family out, and HEY.. never put the child in the front.. it is dangerous.. if unfortunately an accident happens, she will get hurt..”
At the end of her message, the actress showed a snapshot she had taken of a young girl sitting at her apartment window and shooting pictures. Simply put, “Mere saamne wale khidki mein,” he said.
Since Bachchan was injured while filming in Hyderabad, production on Nag Ashwin’s ‘Project K’ has been put on hold until he recovers. Prabhas and Deepika Padukone also star in the flick.

I am blessed
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