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New footage from ‘IB 71’ features Vidyut Jammwal in the role of superspy

On Friday, a new trailer for the upcoming film IB 71 was made available online. The film, which has Vidyut Jammwal as a master spy from the Intelligence Bureau in command and is titled “IB operation 1: Intelligence in Action,” reveals the razor-sharpness of an intelligence agent, who is constantly 10 steps ahead of the enemy.
The film, which is based on real events surrounding the Ganga Hijack (also known as “The hijack that never happened”), reveals a top secret mission by India’s Intelligence Bureau that ultimately led to the country’s victory in the 1971 war.
According to the video’s actor-producer Vidyut: “With this intriguing special promo, we wanted to emphasise that the Intelligence Bureau is constantly awake no matter what. As important as brute strength is for a spy, so too is a keen intellect and the capacity to foresee the enemy’s next move. One such film is “IB 71,” which promises to “provide an exciting glimpse into the world of India’s Intelligence Bureau.”
“IB 71” delves deeply into the espionage realm and the mind of a spy, as explained by the film’s director, Sankalp Reddy. In IB 71, we hope to show viewers “how Indian Intelligence, through cunning manoeuvres, helped us win the war.”
‘IB 71’ is an Action Hero Films production starring Vidyut Jammwal, Anupam Kher, and Vishal Jethwa, and is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Action Hero Films, and Reliance Entertainment. It is presented by Gulshan Kumar, T-Series Film, and Reliance Entertainment.
The film is set to premiere in theatres on May 12, 2023, and was produced by Vidyut Jammwal and Abbas Sayyed, co-produced by Aditya Shastri, Aditya Chowksey, and Shiv Chanana, and scripted by Aditya Shastri and Storyhouse Films LLP.

IB 71
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