If you’re a member of Twitter Blue, Elon Musk has some exciting news for you.

  1. Elon Musk Unveils Twitter’s Latest Upgrade

Musk makes the Twitter announcement himself.

Elon Musk has continued to make the most absurd choices for Twitter ever since he took over the company.

First, he made the possession of a blue, verification badge contingent, on purchasing a Twitter, subscription, then he granted Twitter Blue, subscribers, the ability to send tweets with more, characters and the capacity to edit those tweets, then he modified, the algorithm, that governs,, the website, and most recently, he announced, that inactive accounts would be deleted.

In his most recent effort, the software, mogul has promised that the app will soon receive an upgrade, that would enable users of the verification badge to post films that are up to two hours long and up to eight gigabytes in size.

Musk himself made the announcement about the development on Twitter.

According to a tweet he sent out, “Twitter Blue Verified subscribers can now upload two-hour videos (8GB)!”

  1. Tweeter anounce

After the business magnate, made the revelation, someone commented on Musk’s tweet with,  what appeared to , be the whole version of Shrek, the Third as a response to Musk’s remark.

As per to The Verge’s reporting, the video was eventually removed off the website.

 A tweet sent by Musk, users who have subscribed to, Twitter Blue will soon, be able to upload videos, with a resolution of 1080 pixels and a size that is 8GB or less.

The longer two-hour video uploads are also only available if you’re uploading, from the web or iOS.” The technological, website The Verge claimed that users of the Android operating system are now restricted, to uploading films that are no, longer than ten minutes in length.

In the meanwhile, ordinary users of the application will continue to have the ability to publish films, that are a maximum of 140 seconds long.

Despite Elon Musk’s assertion in February that the feature was already accessible,

The Verge reports, that Twitter is still working on a means to share advertising money with its Blue customers.

This is despite the fact that Musk stated that the service was already available.

There is currently no information available regarding, the specifics of how this revenue-sharing scheme, would, operate or when it would be put into place. It appears like

  1. Twitter’s Revenue

Twitter is actively developing and polishing this, tool in order to provide an additional, benefit for its Blue users,

who pay a monthly charge in exchange for increased features, and privileges on the platform.

 Blue subscribers can get a preview of, the upcoming version of this feature here.

Despite Elon Musk’s assertion in February that Twitter’s revenue-sharing function for its Blue subscribers was already accessible, it is still in development.

 Reports suggest that Twitter is working hard on a mechanism that would give Blue subscribers, a cut of advertising revenue. Neither the timing nor the manner in, which this feature’s money will be split has been made public

. This trend indicates that Twitter is dedicated to making its Blue subscription more valuable, by adding new features, for its premium users. As Facebook develops this capability further,

Blue subscribers may eventually be able to split the platform’s ad earnings.

If you’re a member of Twitter Blue, Elon Musk has some exciting news for you.
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