Imran calls rape claim “plot to preemept horror stories.”

Imran calls rape claim “plot to preemept horror stories.”

1. alleged staged rape

Imran has stated that the alleged staged rape is a “plot to preempt horror stories.”Imran Khan accused Rana Sanaullah Khan of attempting a “cover-up” after the interior minister claimed intelligence agencies had intercepted a plan by the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) to “stage a raid and rape at a known party leader’s house” to gain sympathy as the military seeks to destroy the former prime minister’s support in advance of elections. Imran Khan accused Rana Sanaullah Khan of attempting a “The minister summoned a news conference at midnight to declare that agencies under him had intercepted a telephone conversation detailing the “sinister plan” to “fabricate human rights violations and atrocities” in the administration of Shehbaz Sharif.

2. allegation

Khan’s answer came after the minister made the allegation. Khan’s response came after the minister made the allegation.He did not, however, provide any evidence to back the assertion that he made.Separately, he said in a tweet that the ultimate goal of this strategy was to “falsely implicate” law enforcement agencies in the crime and then raise the problem on an international level. This was a separate claim from the one made in the previous paragraph.However, an untrustworthy former prime minister had the opinion that Sanaullah was “so obviously trying to cover up and pre-empt the horror stories about to break in the media.”

3. mistreated in jail

“If there were any doubts about women being mistreated in jail, this press conference from this certified criminal should remove all such doubts,” Khan said in a tweet. “This press conference from this certified criminal should remove all such doubts.”In addition to this, he made the observation that “women have never been so mistreated and harassed by the state as they have been by this fascist [government]” for “exercising their right to protest peacefully.” He said this in reference to the current administration.The brief imprisonment of Khan at the beginning of this month provoked days of street rallies that were loaded with wrath directed at the army, which is widely believed to have been behind his ouster in April of last year.


Islamabad referred to the violence as “anti-state,” which helped to justify large-scale arrests and the reactivation of renowned military courts in order to trial protestors, including women, who had targeted government facilities.Reports of intimidation and threats have been received from members of the media, legal profession, and party activists.fluency that they place the responsibility for on the established order.In the past, incidences of security officers behaving inappropriately towards ladies linked with the opposing party have been reported by the media. In one instance like this, the police conducted a raid on the home of a former minister named Usman Dar, during which his mother was allegedly harassed and manhandled by the authorities.

5. female demonstrators

Additionally, on many occasions, female demonstrators have been subjected to physical violence from the police, including being pulled and struck.In the meantime, the police in Islamabad have ordered authorities to check that the surveillance cameras in all of the stations, offices and prisons are functioning correctly in order to prevent “plans to target officials.”The police asserted, without providing any proof to back up their claims, that a “planned campaign to defame institutions” had been launched, and that all officials, regardless of their position, would be the targets of this campaign.”While all women are respectable, some can be used in this campaign,” it stated, calling on officials to “keep matters transparent in order to avoid such tactics.”

Imran calls rape claim “plot to preemept horror stories.”
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