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In new video, Anushka Sharma calls Virat Kohli “picture and kisses his hand

In new video, Anushka Sharma calls Virat Kohli “picture of calmness and peace on pitch” and kisses his hand. Watch

1.Virat Kohli was quoting

While Virat Kohli was quoting Ranveer Singh from Anushka Sharma‘s debut film, Band Baaja Baaraat, the actress gave Virat Kohli a kiss on the hand.
At a recent occasion, the actor Anushka Sharma poked fun at her husband, the cricket player Virat Kohli. When Anushka was asked about her favourite habit of Virat, the only correct answer she could provide was one that was incorrect. When it comes to playing matches, Virat is notorious for losing his composure on the pitch. Anushka made light of the situation by jokingly describing him as “the picture of calmness and peace on the pitch.” (Also read: Anushka Sharma posts the first pictures she took on the red carpet at Cannes, and Virat Kohli gives his reaction.)

2.Anushka and Virat Kohli 

Anushka and Virat Kohli got married on December 11, 2017 in a small and private ceremony. that took place in Italy. Many years later, on January 11 2021, the couple became parents. for the first time, to a little girl. Vamika Kohli is the name that the couple chose for their daughter. During a recent interview that the two of them did together, they discussed each other.Anushka Sharma on Virat Kohli’s ‘favourite habit’Anushka spoke about her “favourite habit of Virat” at a Puma event called Jam with Fam. She was asked to offer the incorrect response, and she responded by saying, “He is a picture of calmness and peace on the pitch.” Zen. On the pitch, there should be no chikkham chilli (shouting), on the pitch.

3. giggle and the phrase

” Laughingly, Virat echoed Ranveer Singh’s “three most important words” in response to this query.. Band Baaja Baaraat,Puma uploaded, the footage they, took at the, occasion to their, channel on YouTube, and shared i,t with their audience. During it, Virat was also, prompted to, repeat a line ,from the movie, Band Baaja Baaraat, which, starred Anushka Sharma, and Ranveer, Singh. In the movie, Anushka’s character says, “Pyaar Vyapaar, ki jodi kabhi, nahi baitthi.” This sentence, served as a hint, for him. The link, between love, and business, will never be, successful. Nah, bhaiyya, I like being, single the most.

4. Ranveer’s remark

Being by myself is best for me)” Virat said, “Do business, with me, I wear on this snack, I will never, cheat you,” which was, a repetition, of Ranveer’s remark. “Buniz karle mere sath, bread pakore, ki kasam kabhi, dhoka nahi dunga.”
Anushka, who was, taken aback, demanded, to know, “How did, you do it?” In addition to that, she hugged, him and kissed, his hand. The actor said, “I got the impression that, he was going, to propose to me.” During the time, that we were dating, each other, one of the, things that left, me feeling quite, impressed was, the fact that he, would mak,e a fantastic, life partner. I remember, thinking to myself, “Yeh life partner, hi accha hai” (He would, make a nice, life partner).


Band Baaja Baaraat was a romantic comedy film that came out in 2010, and Maneesh Sharma served as the film’s director. Because of his remarkable memory, also called as “bhayankar,” which is a dreadful liability, I am unable to remember anything because of him. When it comes to my child, on the other hand, I make it a point to pay close attention to every detail…. Aditya Chopra was the film’s producer. Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh, in his first major role as an actor, played the leads in it. In the movie, Shruti Kakkar, played by Anushka, and Bittoo Sharma, played by Ranveer, form a partnership to launch a wedding planning business.

In new video, Anushka Sharma calls Virat Kohli “picture and kisses his hand
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