International Dance Day
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International Dance Day

Vaani celebrates International Dance Day by discussing her most successful dance songs

International Dance Day

International Dance Day

Vaani Kapoor, a leading lady in Bollywood films, thinks dancing is fantastic.
According to her, “our Indian film industry is truly unique” since actors in it “are required to not only perform scenes brilliantly but are also expected to nail the intricate song and dance sequences that are so intrinsic to our films and culture and traditions.”
“I’m thankful to be a part of this thriving profession that honours music and dance in all their forms, and I’m proud to have contributed to some of the greatest dance singles of all time. It’s an honour to have contributed to such chart-topping hits as Ghungroo from War, Nashe Si Chad Gayi from Befikre, and Ude Dil Befikre from Befikre.
Motivated by the prospect of a cinematic dance performance, she works hard to perfect her moves.
She expressed her gratitude by saying, “I am overwhelmed by the support I have received from fans and the music business for my work. In my opinion, dancing is a fantastic method of self-expression. Through dance, I’m able to do that constantly. As a person and an artist, it sets me free. Before I started working in Bollywood, I had no idea how to dance.
That’s why it means so much to me to be recognised for my work. When we were filming all of these songs, I remember having to put in a lot of work. I spent countless hours practising the identical procedure over and over again to guarantee that I wouldn’t have to start over. I’m really happy that these songs were such tremendous hits since I put my all into making them.
Vaani Kapoor will next be featured in “Mandala Murders,” a web series, and a film yet to be titled.

International Dance Day
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