International Nurses Day
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International Nurses Day

Madhuri Dixit has written a touching letter to the nurses who cared for her late mother in honour of International Nurses Day. Photos within

International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day

Madhuri Dixit took to social media earlier today to post pictures of the nurses who cared for her late mother Snehlata Dixit, writing that they treated her “Aai” like family. Madhuri sent a message to Elsie and Rekha on International Nurses Day, saying, “Happy Nurse Day.” Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the excellent care you gave to my mum and the family-like manner in which you provided it. We really appreciate all of your help.
Both Madhuri’s mother and the carer can be seen in the first accompanying photo, clutching a red rose arrangement. In the second picture, Madhuri’s mom and another nurse are posing for a selfie.

To quote Madhuri Dixit: (@MadhuriDixit)
Dr. Shriram Nene, Madhuri’s husband, took to Instagram on March 11 to share the news that Madhuri’s grandmother had passed away, writing, “Our beloved Aai (mother), Snehalata, passed away peacefully this morning surrounded by her loved ones.”
Another tragic note was posted by Madhuri later on, which said, “Woke up this morning to discover Aai’s room empty. It’s almost unreal. She instilled in us a joyous and optimistic outlook on life. She was generous to a wide range of people. She will be greatly missed, but her memory will endure. Her charm, enthusiasm, and poise were contagious. Together, we will remember and honour her life. Om shanti om”

International Nurses Day
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