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Jee Le Zaraa

Will ‘Jee Le Zaraa’ star Richard Madden with Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, and Katrina Kaif? – WATCH

Jee Le Zaraa

Jee Le Zaraa

Priyanka Chopra, who has recently been on a signing frenzy, landing major roles in blockbuster Hollywood movies and web series, has now revealed her next Bollywood project, titled “Jee Le Zaraa,” which will star Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif. In 2021, it was stated that Farhan Akhtar will direct a major film, but as Priyanka and Alia started a family, the project was put on hold.
When Farhan arrived in Rajasthan to check out potential filming spots, the project was once again front and centre in the media. Then it was reported that Shah Rukh Khan could make a cameo appearance in the film.
While Priyanka was in town promoting their new Prime Video spy series, Citadel, ETimes approached the handsome Richard Madden about playing the male protagonist. Richard nodded and answered, “Absolutely!” without hesitating.
I’m open to offers. He joked, “If I start working really hard right now, I should be ready in nine months, twelve months, or two years.”
Priyanka agreed with the handsome man’s eagerness to begin filming the Bollywood movie, saying, “Yeah, he probably will actually! If I know him, he’ll pick up the language and show up to teach me some new phrases.
Richard wore a kurta and dhoti in the wedding scene in the Marvel superhero film “Eternals,” the last time this outfit was seen on screen. Richard responded, “It’s brilliant to be here,” when asked how he felt after landing in India. I’ve always wanted to visit India, but this is my first time even dipping a toe in the water. I’m hoping that means I’ll be here for a while.
Priyanka said she wanted to move back to India and spend more time there. It’s great to be back in familiar surroundings. I’m always trying to find a reason to visit Bombay (Mumbai). I don’t visit frequently enough. For a long time, COVID prevented me and my loved ones from returning home. But now, you see, after visiting for Anomaly a few months ago, I’ve returned for Citadel. I’m on the lookout for reasons to return, and the fact that I can bring my family with me means that we’ll likely visit more often.
The filming of “Jee Le Zaraa” was supposed to begin last year, but the newest rumours state that it won’t start until 2019.

Jee Le Zaraa
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