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This is why Jr NTR declined to perform on “Naatu Naatu” alongside Ram Charan at the Academy Awards



In Hyderabad, many people have their own ideas on why Jr NTR and Ram Charan were replaced at the last minute by the fantastic Jason Glover and Billy Mustapha to perform to Naatu Naatu at the Oscars.
Fantastic as they were, the stand-in dancers had less than a day to perfect their routine.
Now, we have word from a person close to both and Ram Charan: “Ram Charan was very excited about doing Naatu Naatu live at the Oscars.”  was the one who was hesitant. He blamed a lack of preparation and practice. The reality is that wasn’t persuaded to go on stage with Ram Charan to perform.
The decision by NTR to skip the performance is defended. “It was a major occasion and Ram Charan’s status had already gotten a lot of attention and publicity for the film in the United States. NTR Jr. was tired of being compared to his father. According to the insider, this is why he passed up the chance to perform at the Oscars’ dance number.
Both Jr NTR and Ram Charan are amazing dancers who would have done a fantastic job on the Oscars stage, but they would not have done justice to the night had they performed without the proper amount of rehearsal.

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