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Jungkook of BTS elaborates on his argument with Jimin when

Jungkook of BTS elaborates on his argument with Jimin when they were both still in training.


altercation with Jimin

Jungkook of BTS provides some insight into his altercation with Jimin when they were both still trainees.Long ago, this particular question has been a source of frustration for the band’s devoted followers.During a livestream event that took place on June 5th, Jungkook, a member of the K-pop group BTS, was questioned by a viewer about an altercation that he had with fellow bandmate Jimin when they were both still in the trainee stage. The followers of the band have been pondering this particular subject for a considerable amount of time.On June 2020 on the occasion of their seventh anniversary, BTS released a video where they could be seen recreating their first time commemorating the event and recounted anecdotes from their early days.



The conversation then turned to Jungkook bringing up the argument he had with Jimin, which resulted in laughter from both of them. In spite of the fact that they did not go into a lot of detail, they disclosed that they had gotten into a fight, which resulted in them storming out of the practise room in a furious mood.After that, Jungkook started continuously calling Jimin, and when Jimin finally picked up the phone, he immediately apologised to his senior member. Jimin was the group’s youngest member. When Jimin asked him whether he wanted him to pick him up, he answered in the affirmative but acknowledged that he was roaming out in the rain and didn’t know where he was.



“I personally don’t think I had a distinct point of going through puberty, but at the time I too was very young and Jimin hyung too was just entering the real world and at a state/condition where he was diligently fulfilling his role as the [member] following the maknae/youngest,” he stated.He went on to say that he had a problem with the manner in which he spoke with other people during that time period, since the tone of his comments may be perceived as being extremely harsh.



“Because of that, Jimin hyung most likely brought me to the side separately and we chatted; nonetheless, for me as well, the way I felt, I was conscious of my error. I understood it instantly, because they were the actions I committed but because I also had my own pride and it felt like there were elements where I was right, I lost my temper, fighting back at Jimin hyung. I lost my patience, thus Jimin hyung became upset so that’s how [things] unfolded.”


Jungkook of BTS elaborates on his argument with Jimin when
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