Karachi begins to feel the effects of storm Biparjoy, including an increase in sea level.


Biparjoy Cyclone has now moved to around 470 km south of Karachi, 460 km south of Thatta, and is having an impact on the rising sea level in Karachi.Sea levels have begun to rise along Sindh’s coastal belt as Cyclone Biparjoy approaches Karachi and other coastal cities, forcing major evacuations of residents from the Keti Bandar area in Thatta District to safer places.The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued a new advisory stating that Biparjoy, now reduced from an extremely severe cyclonic storm (ESCS) to a very severe cyclonic storm (VSCS), has continued its north-northwestward motion for the past 12 hours.in this time, the cyclone was located in a latitude of 20.7°N and a longitude of 67.1°E, roughly 470 kilometres (km) south of Karachi and 460 miles (km) south of Thatta.


The PMD reported “phenomenal” sea conditions in the centre of the system, with maximum wave heights of 30 feet, and maximum sustained surface winds of 140-150 km/h with gusts to 170 km/h.Conditions favouring its continued strength across the projected period include a suitable sea surface temperature range (29-31 degrees Celsius), low vertical wind shear, and upper-level divergence.The current upper-level steering winds suggest that the cyclone will continue its northward trek until the morning of June 14th, at which point it will likely recurve northeastward and cross between Keti Bandar (Southeast Sindh) and the Indian Gujarat coast on the afternoon/evening of June 15th as a very severe cyclonic storm packing winds of 100-120Km/hour.

Pakistan Army

Commander of the Karachi Corps Urgent Meeting Last night, Lieutenant General Babar Iftikhar, commander of the Karachi Corps, called an emergency meeting to discuss the preparations being made in Badin for Biparjoy.The meeting included both military and civilian leaders, such as the Director General of the Sindh Rangers and the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of Hyderabad.The relevant individuals briefed the corps commander, who voiced his appreciation for the timely preparations.The Pakistan Army has already deployed to several locations in case rescue operations are required, and the corps commander has ordered the officials to utilise “all resources” to cope with potential threats.There will be no peaceful coexistence with the people, he declared.Militia Deployed.

public aid

The Pakistani Army has issued directives for immediate public aid and rescue operations to all of its bases.In order to assist the civilian government, the Pakistan Army has sent in reinforcements from the cantonments of Hyderabad, Badin, and Malir.Bilateral Conferencing Multiple Army Deployments Multiple Army Deployments The military will aid the government in removing the most vulnerable people from the coastal area. It is necessary to relocate some 90,000 people from the coastal areas of Thatta, Sajawal, and Badin.In addition, all Karachi Corps garrisons are now ready to assist with relief efforts and handle affected populations.


“Evacuation continues from Keti Bandar and the islands due to possible hurricane,” stated Farooq Soomro, deputy commissioner (DC) of Thatta, providing an update on the effort to relocate residents to safer areas.He claimed that schools in Keti Bandar and Baghan have become temporary shelters for the victims.The incoming cyclone is influencing weather patterns, and the “Pakistan Army, Marine Security, Rangers, and elected representatives are helping people evacuate,” the DC added.The ocean is overcast, extremely warm, and sticky. He continued, “Even Keti Bandar is experiencing abnormally high temperatures and humidity levels.The DC also reported that the weather service predicted afternoon showers along the shore.


Authorities in the Badin district say they are moving those in need to the Golarchi and Baghra Memon relief camps.There has been an increase in heat intensity, according to administration officials, in Badin and the neighbouring area as well.
Various OthersChashma Goth is one of the places hit hard, and the seawater has already reached the roadside there. But thus far, no one has left their houses.Additionally, fishermen at the Rehri Goth jetty have reported an increase in water level, which is flooding some of the jetty in the evenings.


Karachi begins to feel the effects of storm Biparjoy, including an increase in sea level.
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