Karachi’s beaches because to the growing Biparjoy menace.

There is a complete closure of Karachi’s beaches because to the growing Biparjoy menace.



Karachi’s beaches

There is a prohibition on entering Karachi’s beaches as the threat from Biparjoy grows.PMD issues a warning to all authorities to remain vigilant; those who violate the prohibition will be charged under section 188 of the Pakistan Penal Code.As the Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (VSCS) “Biparjoy” increases, the Karachi commissioner on Saturday imposed Section 144 in the city, which prohibited admission to the beaches. A notification said this.In response to the threat, the administration of the city has decided to implement a restriction on fishing, swimming, sailing, and bathing beginning on June 11 and continuing until the “end of the storm.”According to the notification, the decision was made to prevent any unfortunate incidents, such as shipwreck or drowning, from occurring.


During this time, the PMD has also issued a warning to all relevant authorities, advising them to keep a “alert” state during the duration of the forecast.The notification comes as the cyclone over the east-central Arabian Sea continues to strengthen while moving further northeastward over the past 12 hours. It is currently located near the coordinates 15.5°N and 66.3°E at a distance of approximately 1,040 kilometres south of Karachi, 1,020 kilometres south of Thatta, and 1,110 kilometres southeast of Ormara, according to the Met Office.In the event that the orders are disobeyed, the respective deputy commissioners and assistant commissioners have been given the authority to take appropriate action, which must be carried out in conjunction with the respective senior superintendent of police in the city.


The lawbreakers will be charged with breaking section 188 of the Penal Code.Around the centre of the system, the PMD estimates that the maximum sustained surface winds are between 120 and 130 kilometres per hour, with gusts reaching up to 150 kilometres per hour.The beneficial climatic circumstances, which include a sea surface temperature between 30 and 32 degrees Celsius, little vertical wind shear, and upper-level divergence, are still helping the system to intensify further.”Due to shifts in upper-level steering winds, the uncertainty in global model forecasts of Biparjoy’s track still exists,” said Karachi’s Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre. “Some take it to Oman-Pakistan Makran coast, and others indicate towards Indian Gujarat-Pakistan Sindh coast,” the centre added.

Karachi Cyclone Warning

In light of this uncertainty, it is anticipated that the system will continue moving further north and northeastward during the course of the next 36 to 48 hours. The Karachi Cyclone Warning Centre of the PMD is currently monitoring the system and will provide an update based on their findings.Track of the cyclone, both as observed and as anticipated by PMDTrack of the cyclone, both as observed and as anticipated by PMDPossible Impacts:Because the conditions in the Arabian Sea may become quite stormy and high together with high tides along the shore, fishermen are strongly encouraged not to venture out into open water beginning on Monday, June 12, 2023 and continuing until the system has passed.

Sindh and Makran

It is likely that the rain-thunderstorm will take a track to the north-northeast, and as a result, heavy precipitation and gusty winds will be experienced along the coast of Sindh and Makran on June 13 night and June 14 morning.Winds of great intensity, or squalls, have the potential to cause damage to structures that are both loose and vulnerable.Around the core of the system, sea conditions are extremely high and amazing, with maximum wave heights ranging from 25 to 28 feet.

Karachi’s beaches because to the growing Biparjoy menace.
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