KP suffers rain and wind, killing 28 people.

KP suffers rain and wind, killing 28 people.


Bannu district

KP suffers rain and wind, killing 28 people.In the whole Bannu district, roof and wall collapse occurrences were the primary cause of mortality.Strong winds and torrential rains wreaked havoc in the three southern KP districts, tearing down boundary walls and killing at least 28 persons (including women and children) and injuring another 140.There were numerous casualties and injuries as a result of the high winds in Bannu. Throughout the Bannu district, roof and wall collapse accidents accounted for the vast majority of fatalities.According to reports, the powerful winds also caused the collapse of walls in the area, killing around 70 goats and animals.


Bannu hospitals announced a state of emergency and called back all medical staff from vacation to deal with the outbreak.A wall collapsed in the Shehbaz Kakki neighbourhood of Bannu, reportedly killing three children, according to police.Heavy rains caused the roof of a mud house in the Bannu town of Koti Sadat to collapse, trapping women and children within. The locals began the rescue efforts on their own to get the victims to safety.Part of a building in Bannu’s Bazaar Ahmad Khan collapsed, blocking traffic. Hail and rain combined to ruin the district’s standing crops and orchards.

government reports

According to government reports, a windstorm in the region of Lakki Marwat claimed the lives of a woman and three children and injured more than 20 others. Over 20 people were injured and taken to the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital in Serai Naurang after a windstorm and rain killed a woman and three children.Heavy winds uprooted trees, which fell on transmission lines, reportedly disrupting electricity supply to several locations in the Lakki Marwat district.Two young boys, believed to be brothers, were murdered and a third was injured after two separate walls collapsed in the Takht-i-Nusrati Tehsil of Karak.

rain and storm

Heavy rain and storm wreaked devastation in Tehsil Takht-i-Nusrati, according to reports reaching district headquarters, and two brothers, Faizan, 9, and Wajdan, 4, killed when the wall of their house fell.Rain caused a wall to collapse at the home of a little kid named Shoraim in the Minakhel neighbourhood of Tehsil Takht-i-Nusrati, severely injuring him. Takht-i-Nusrati, the hospital at the Tehsil headquarters, received the dead and injured.Additionally, the province’s capital had widespread blackouts due to the high winds.Peshawar also experienced the brunt of the severe winds and downpours. As a result of the winds, a dust storm ensued, which hampered daily activities and left the provincial capital in the dark.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif

Meanwhile, on Saturday here, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif mourned the loss of life throughout Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) due to floods.According to the Prime Minister’s Office, the PM expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. He gave orders to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to take care of the victims and restore the damaged areas. Coordination with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s prime minister was also on his list of directives.He pleaded for the NDMA’s collaboration with the Provincial Disaster Management Authority and Rescue 1122 to bring full aid to the people in the afflicted areas.



KP suffers rain and wind, killing 28 people.
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